Why You Should Think About Content Marketing

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content marketing

Has your business realised the potential of content marketing?

If not, you are missing out on an important opportunity to engage with your audience, one that many companies are making use of – from the world’s biggest brands to local SMEs.

By content marketing, we mean creating something that can be consumed and shared by your customer - be it an article, a social media post or even an infographic. It gives businesses an opportunity to communicate their expertise and values to their audience. 

This article will explain how content marketing is a cost effective means of not only creating connections with your customers, but spreading awareness of your brand to new audiences.

Why is Content Marketing so Effective?

68% of people spend time reading about brands that interest them

Source: Demand Metric -

Regardless of how well executed a marketing campaign may be, today’s audiences are often aware that they are being marketed to.

What differentiates content marketing from other marketing tactics, is that the audience takes a much more active – and willing role – in consuming and sharing content. This can make the connection between a business and its audience much more authentic. This is the main benefit of content marketing, but there are several specific advantages that businesses should be aware of:

It Helps Customers Identify with a Brand

The term ‘humanising’ is used regularly in marketing, and it describes how businesses promote an image of themselves as relatable and approachable. The first step to this is showing your audience that you can understand and address their needs.

If you are often faced with the same questions from your customer, content can address this by creating something an audience can refer to as many times as they wish. If your customers feel as though you are truly listening to them, they will be loyal to your brand.

It is a Cost Effective Way of Growing Your Audience

Successful marketing strikes the balance between growing your audience and maintaining your connection with your customers. Common growth techniques, such as pay-per-click advertising and social media marketing, require a sufficient budget in order to be successful.

However, if you invest your resources in compelling content, your audience will spread it for you at no extra cost. Social media is the primary example of this – users sharing content amongst their friends can create growth at a tremendous scale.

It Can Increase Your Visibility on Search Engines

It is likely you have encountered a range of guides and tips on how to ‘hack’ Google’s algorithm for ranking websites. The answer however is deceptively simple: identify what your audience wants to know and answer their queries with good quality, informative content.

Creating content that is relevant to your audience will increase traffic, which will reflect favourably on your search engine rankings. At Netmatters we also use content to include high volume keywords, meaning it is tailored to match common terms or phrases entered into search engines. 

Good quality content is something that takes time and skill. In a saturated market, audiences can certainly be fickle in what content they consume and share. However, if businesses enlist the right people who can put effort into creating content that matches their values and engages their audience, the rewards can be momentous without any large costs. 

At Netmatters, our digital marketing team is experienced in creating content in a variety of forms. We create articles to regularly engage our clients' audiences, as well as write copy for websites and social media. 

These are just examples of the work we do that help businesses create meaningful connections with their audience, and increase their return on investment. To speak to one of our experts contact us via the form below or ring us on 01603 515007 today.

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