SCS Graduates January 2022

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SCS Graduates January 2022

Our SCS scheme here at Netmatters was initially designed to bridge the ever-growing gap in the tech industry. We create opportunities for those aspiring web developers, digital marketers, and IT technicians to progress their training, towards an end goal career. The Scion Coalition Scheme is a quality professional development training program, that teaches both technical skills and how to work well in a professional environment.

Once completed, we can aid in finding new employment opportunities both with Netmatters or with other leading companies. With a big thanks to our sponsors, we partner with a number of varying companies in the East Anglian region such as Engage Health Systems Ltd, Tech East, Modality systems, and of course, Netmatters. We have also officially launched a self-funded entry to the programme!

We have seen some real talented individuals graduate from the Scion Scheme this month, and we wanted to congratulate each of our trainees in today’s article.

Our Newest Graduates...

Keivan Taghinia

Keivan has been with us for the last 7 months, and we are so pleased to announce that he has landed his first Junior Developer position with Engine UK. He has worked so hard over the course of his time with us and we cannot wait to hear how he gets on in his new position!

Adam Pearson

After 8 months with us, Adam has gone and secured his first Junior Developer position with MGF. Ever since he joined the scheme, Adam has been a real force to be reckoned with, approaching every task with a positive hands-on attitude. We're so pleased he has been rewarded with this opportunity!

Dominic Elves

Dominic has been a real asset to the team. With consistent hard work over the last few months with us, we are incredibly proud to see him go on to a position as a back-end developer at Destination Core, congratulations Dominic!

Congratulations to you all, and we wish you the best of luck in your careers!

We are always looking for new Scions to join the team here at Netmatters. If you are looking for a new training opportunity to lead on to top-level careers in tech, then you can find out more about the scheme here. We offer hands-on training opportunities, in Digital Marketing, IT Tech, and Web Development. Training with us can lead to some fantastic opportunities with other leading companies or you may even land a job with us!

For all questions relating to the Scion Coalition Scheme, contact Netmatters today. Call us on 01603 704020 to speak to an expert member of the team. Alternatively, you can contact us on the form below.

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