Recent Updates in SEO - 26/05/16

Posted by Netmatters

Google Adwords to split up tablet and desktop and also allow for mobile based bids.

Google recently announced that soon, advertisers will be able to place individual bids for desktops, tablets and mobile. This allows for campaigns to be more optimised towards devices that are more relevant for the business. For example, a mobile app site could set a higher bid price for mobile ads and set individual bit adjustments for desktops and tablets. The range of adjustments available will also be raised to up to +900%.

Adwords to receive a new look.

Google announced at their performance summit that they will soon be unveiling a new look for Google Adwords. This new design offers a quick glance at all your campaigns so you can see your top performers and which ones require your attention. There is also a new focus on showing which devices are performing for each of your campaigns. According to Google, the new design is meant to focus more on your business and less on the product. This includes letting you choose your campaign goals and setting the campaign up to gear towards that objective.

You can now group together properties in Search Console for aggregated data views.

Google is introducing the idea of property sets to Search Console. This new feature allows you to combine different properties into a single data set. This allows for a combined view of several properties at once, making overall judgements and assessments easier. For example, a webmaster with a mobile site and a desktop site would be able to group these together into a single property set and for all the metrics of the sites combined, to be viewed together. This may also be useful for businesses which different sites for differing branches or locations, allowing for all the data on all these sites to be viewed in a combined format, all at once. 

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