Recent Updates in SEO - 19/05/16

Posted by Netmatters

Search Console adds AMP filter to Search Analytics

In a recent update to Search Analytics Google has added a filter to show only how your AMP pages are doing. Functionally it shows you which queries are leading people to your AMP pages, you can also compare how AMP results stack up against other search results links. This new filter is available for all sites that display AMP pages in search results.

Google adds Rich Cards Section to Search Console
Google’s new form of rich snippets, rich cards, have their own section in Google’s Search Console. Coming under the header Search Appearance, the new section allows for management of your current rich cards and for people new to rich cards, offers the markup needed for recipes, events, products and reviews.

Google Updates Mobile Testing Tool
Google has recently updated the look and feel of their mobile friendliness testing tool. The new look is more in line with Google’s Material design guidelines and offers improvement opportunities for sites which are not considered mobile friendly. We’ve got a full article on this update here.

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