How are Mobile Applications Benefitting the Top 5 Industries?

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In the modern world, it is common practice that our days are becoming filled with short breaks in which we find ourselves on our mobiles, searching social media, posting articles, and most importantly, searching for answers. It’s no secret - making your business as convenient and accessible as possible is the fastest way to gain traction and prestige with your customer base. 

Now more than ever, businesses are utilising mobile applications to provide the answers to their customers, expand business visibility, and to generate new revenue streams. Here at Netmatters, we are specialist in the world of digital marketing, creating bespoke software, tailor-made websites, and mobile applications.

In this short article, we take a dive into how mobile apps are helping businesses across the board, listing the top 5 industries and the corresponding benefits of mobile applications.

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The Mobile Advantage: What Industries are Benefiting from Mobile Applications?

With the vast increase of innovations and overall popularity within the online world, it comes with no surprise that there are numerous industries benefitting from developing bespoke mobile applications.

Drawing on a wealth of experience in developing cross-platform app development, we have listed some of the key impacts mobile apps are having today amongst the top 5 most popular industries:

1) E-commerce

The E-commerce industry has flourished in recent years, with easy and convenient access to a host of products translating to quick purchases and satisfied customers.

A mobile application for the world of E-commerce is a match made in heaven. Allowing your business to personalise your customer experience, enhance visibility of products, and drive impulse purchases with purpose.

2) Travel and Tourism

Welcoming the new age with the convince of an online hand-held Calendar and the world at your fingertips, the travel and tourism industry has greatly benefited from mobile applications.

Tailored to your business, your mobile app can offer flight bookings, itinerary plans, and even personalised recommendations. Providing a complete service, many holiday destinations and cottage escapes today have their own application that customers can use to book and arrange their entire visit, down to the very monitoring of their booking status.

3) Education

In the last decade, we have seen the education sector truly embraced the changing technological world. Now, classrooms are hosts to a huge array of available tech that proactively boost student learning with a high degree of precision and efficiency, introducing a fun way to both learn and teach.

The introduction of a Mobile Application can help bolster this proactive movement and partnership with technology, facilitating innovative teaching methods, distribute multimedia content to assist with learning, and provide a tracking student progress for teachers and parents alike.

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4) Healthcare

Mobile health, or mHealth, is a dynamic field that aims to utilise technological advancements to improve the well-being of people. With the main NHS mobile application being introduced in 2018, many private and other healthcare organisations are following practice to both streamline their operations and provide the best patientcare.

The implementation of a mobile application within healthcare boasts a wide range of benefits, ranging from virtual consultations, mental health support, to empower patients with self-diagnosis capabilities.

5) Logistics and Transportation

In the transportation and logistics industry, it is vital that companies collect and share critical information. This information could regard the routing, fleet management, equipment repairs and more.

Introducing a mobile application can help streamline these operations, not only allowing your business to complete more with fewer people but can introduce real-time notifications surrounding supply chains and delivery status.

How a Mobile App Development Can Benefit Your Business

Here at Netmatters, our skilled web design and app development team offers a customised approach to developing an app that will work for your business. Partnering with you, we ensure your application aligns with your businesses' tone, brand, and goals.

Our preferred choice for mobile app development is Flutter, an open-source framework by Google. Flutter empowers businesses to create visually stunning, natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase. Renowned for its speed, productivity, and flexibility, Flutter provides a solid foundation for app development.

Whether you are keen on developing a mobile application for your business, looking to create a new site to drive leads, or are just simply unsure of your current site, Netmatters’ experts across London, Cambridge, Norwich, and Great Yarmouth are always on hand for a free consultation to discuss your requirements.

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