SCS Graduates- The Year of 2022

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SCS Graduates May 2022

The Netmatters SCS trainee scheme is completely unique to Netmatters, it enables individuals of a variety of experiences to really develop their technical skills, preparing them for a future career within technology, coding, marketing, and developing. On average our training courses take 3 – 6 months to complete providing enough time for individuals to have real hands-on experience provided by industry experts.

At the end of the programme, we look to ensure that all trainees are career-ready and fully supported throughout the whole process from CV building all the way through to interview prep. By the end of the programme, all tech trainees are ready for their transition into employment.

Join Us Below in Celebrating Our Newest Scion Graduates…

Brendan Boyle

Brendan studied with us for 15 months, and was a wonderful addition to our scion group as he helped anyone that he could to succeed. He has since graduated to Destination Core and we wish him all the best!

Daryl Boyce

After studying with us for 15 months, before moving onto our remote support service, Daryl has graduated to the role of junior web developer for Naked Kitchen. We wish him all the best in his future career!

Martyn Horslen

Martyn showed dedication and a strong work ethic from the get-go, and we couldn't be prouder of him as he graduated to work with one of our customers, Buttercups Training. We look forward to seeing where he goes with his career!

Meeran Bala-Kumaran

Meeran studied with us for 13 months, and after graduating, he successfully obtained a job as a junior web developer for Code Giants. Congratulations Meeran!

Will McCloy

Will studied with us for 11 months, and felt so supported by the skills our course was able to given him that he was able to set forth with his own career and a freelance web developer. We wish him all the best!

Vincenzo Prestigiacomo

Our first graduate from the Skills Bootcamp course, Vincenzo was only with us for 2 months on our intensive course before he was able to move on to employment! What a great achievement!

Sam McMillian

Going from strength to strength, Sam showed a true aptitude for coding and within 2 months we were able to graduate into the role of a junior web developer with C4 Offshore. We're thrilled for him!

James Reed

James was keen and dedicated to his studies from he get-go, always wanting to strive to make himself a true competitor in his field. We were thrilled when he was able to obtain a job with Sparta Global, and hope that he has a very successful career!

Jeremy Hanson

Jeremy was funded through the IPF grant, and after studying with us for 5 months, he graduated the course to go on to self-employment as a freelance web developer. We wish him all the best!

Congratulations to you all, and we wish you the best of luck in your careers!

At Netmatters we are always looking for new Scions to join the team. If you are looking for a training opportunity to help your journey to a top-level career in tech, then you can find out more about our training programme here. We offer hands-on training opportunities in all areas of the tech industry including, Digital Marketing, IT Tech, and Web Development. Joining the training scheme with us can lead to some fantastic opportunities with other leading companies or you may even land a job with us!

For all questions relating to the Scion Coalition Scheme, contact Netmatters today. Call us on 01603 704020 to speak to an expert member of the team. Alternatively, you can contact us on the form below.

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