November Notables 2023

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At Netmatters, recognising and appreciating the hard work and achievements of our team members is a fundamental aspect of our company culture. Each month, every department dedicates time to applaud the outstanding contributions of individuals who have gone above and beyond to deliver high-quality work and exceptional services to our clients.

Guided by our T.R.U.E values, which serve as the core of our business culture, November has been host to some remarkable performances across all the departments, with individuals surpassing expectations through their diligent efforts and collaborative teamwork.

Celebrating a culture of continuous learning, adaptability, and achievement, we take pride in reflecting on the accomplishments of the month, cheering on the successes of both our teams and individual contributors. We believe it is paramount that everyone is seen, heard, and acknowledged with the honours that they truly deserve.

To begin this month's notables, we start with a …

Special Congratulations to Samantha Lupton

 "Helping out with holiday cover, Sam changed her working hours to pitch in and jumped onto some very large projects with no context. She was invaluable and kept things running smoothly." – Adam Greer
 "For helping with the exceptional cover of the Web Project Management department whilst covering Annual Leave, including additional hours. Sam is never afraid to jump in with both feet and pick up workloads and training when required. Sam has been with us for over 5 years now, and has never faltered in her work ethic, dedication, and TRUE Netmatters spirit!" – Bethany Shakespeare
 "Samantha has done a great job stepping up and helping the wider team during holiday cover.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced and this goes a long way into helping support the wider team and ensuring everything runs smoothly" – Tom Lancaster

Introducing Our November Notables

Joe Trower – Such a positive and enthusiastic attitude, a number of recent wins with very reputable businesses across the region, and always willing to assist in any way he can, keep up the good work – Alex Jones

Jessica Rout - Settled into the Operation Support Role really quickly and is already proving to be a great addition to the team – James Street

Will Thompson - Is doing a great job project managing the NM Internal IT Support. Projects are progressing quickly and the level of communication is brilliant. Great to be working with you, Will. – James Street

Craig Ross – Winning some big hours and starting to really find his groove in digital – keep it up! – Jim Palmer

Craig Ross, Elliot Norman, Ollie Thompson & Christina Smith – Doing an excellent collective job at winning work for the company. Bringing in a fantastic business to be working with. -Jim Palmer

Jaz Instone-Brewer – Jaz as done an exceptional job at managing a clients website project. The client has been incredibly happy with the end results, has given extremely positive feedback, which has led to us being in talks to manage their digital marketing as a result of the good work we have done. – Jim Palmer

Rebecca Sibanda – Rebecca has really hit the ground running with her project management. She’s an absolute boss at powering through her task list and is proving to be an real asset to the team. – Jim Palmer

Ben Revell – Ben is a top SEM Lead and wears his customers on his sleeve. He does what ever he can to ensure they are happy, even with some tricky customers he has had to deal with this month. – Jim Palmer

Devon Maidment – Devon continuously does an excellent job on any task that she carries out. She has had some excellent feedback this month from clients and from peers within the team. Keep up the good work Devon. – Jim Palmer

Maxwell Jermy -  he’s been fantastic at taking on more responsibilities, was a fundamental cog in getting a clients website launch done so smoothly, and all in all, he is just always willing to help. He has a great attitude and procedures high quality work, and nothing is ever too much for him to tackle if his team need support. – Tom Lancaster

Sean Fulcher - Heroic effort in bringing a clients migration to Safe STS, deftly and professionally handled challenges from third party suppliers, handled a new technology extremely well and maintained excellent communication throughout. Nicely done, Sean! – Tom Lancaster 

Jonathan Haylock – Jon is doing a great job keeping things progressing positively on some challenging projects and ensuring the team have everything they need to do a good job. – Tom Lancaster

Matt Hurst - since he has become Service manager, he has been tireless in championing improvements for the IT PM squad and has resulted a much-improved work flow for all us, better direction and a higher work life balance. He is always available for us and instrumental in our work providing advice, assistance and taking on responsibilities that have hugely improved our ability to provide the best possible service to our clients. – Tom Lancaster

Richard Philips - The man is an unstoppable work horse, he delivers practical, well thought out IT support to our clients and excellent project work. He has been a fantastic supporter and trainer for the newer members of the POD ensuring that they always have someone that will help them and provide the benefit of experience and I’m sure he will continue to do so in the future. – Tom Lancaster

Rebecca Brine - Rebecca has done a great job stepping up and helping the wider team during holiday cover.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced and this goes a long way into helping support the wider team and ensuring everything runs smoothly – Tom Lancaster

Simon Wright – going above and beyond the call of duty to makes things happen and ensure all of his responsibilities are met.   – Elliott Peacock

Craig Ross – found some excellent winning ways – bolting on some fantastic wins way above target. – Elliott Peacock

Bethany Shakespeare – for organising an amazing Christmas do with Rebecca, I felt that the whole thing was really well done, the atmosphere was great and everyone seemed to have a really good time. Was the best one we’ve ever done in my opinion. Well done both and thank you. – Elliott Peacock

Rebecca Moore  – for organising an amazing Christmas do with Bethany, I felt that the whole thing was really well done, the atmosphere was great and everyone seemed to have a really good time. Was the best one we’ve ever done in my opinion. Well done both and thank you. – Elliott Peacock

Matthew Chapman - Matthew has been brought in to assist with many problematic projects and clients over the last few months and consistently shows them professionalism and skill to get them back on solid ground. A safe pair of hands for even the most challenging or complex clients and always does it with a level head and a positive attitude. – Matt Hurst

Rebecca Brine – Had a difficult 2 weeks covering for holiday in the team, however you’d never know it. She handled a mix of projects, queries and KPIs excellently whilst balancing with her existing work. – Adam Greer

Courtney Noel – Managing the debt chasing process and finance role superbly.  No fuss or drama, just the delivery of a solid performance. – James Gulliver  

Lewis Wilby – Excellent work determining a workable plan and strategy for upgrading a large workflow system around larger development issues. – James Gulliver

Kayleigh Hall – Delivering excellent results across the board alongside winning awards and generally being excellent. – James Gulliver

Zach Gilbert – Always learning, always helpful, regularly picking up problems and working hard to solve and assisting with tasks out of hours. – Simon Wright

Drew Halls - Repeatedly picking up a few tough out of hours issues, and the help and support he is providing across the department is inspirational. – Simon Wright

Maxwell Jermy – Max recently received a glowing commendation from another member of the team regarding his commitment, support, and guidance. He has consistently demonstrated a remarkable level of dedication and passion in his work – Simon Wright

Kieran Sprouse - Providing exceptional Microsoft 365 knowledge and escalations within the company. – Chris Waldie

Kayleigh Hall - Doing a solid job as always and representing Netmatters at multiple awards this month... and winning! – Chris Waldie

Liam Spence - Recently promoted to 2nd Line, Liam is a solid set of hands who will quietly get on with his work putting in a consistent and great performance. – Chris Waldie

Josh Kimble – Always bringing a smile in the office and a team player. – Rob George

Rhys Douglas – Done really well getting to grips with his new role taking it all in his stride – Rob George

Scott Covey – Receiving feedback from on-site work that he is providing great value to the clients. – Rob George

Celebrating Your Achievements

A huge congratulations to every single November notable. Keep up the excellent work and demonstrating the T.R.U.E Netmatters values!

If you would like to be a part of our fantastic team and be in the running for some extra treats through our notable employee scheme each month, view our open job vacancies today, discover our benefits, and join a team that champions excellence and get rewarded for your efforts.

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