Jamie Slater - Netmatters 5 Year Legend

Posted by Netmatters
15th December 2023

Today, we celebrate the brilliant accomplishments of Jamie Slater as he receives the Netmatters Long Service Award, entering the hall of fame as our newest 'Legend!'

In 2018, Jamie joined Netmatters as a 1st Line Technician, but with a unique willingness to go beyond what is expected, he has quickly progressed through the ranks, delivering unparalleled customer service skills and a dedication to achieve success in line with the client’s aims.

Alongside his impressive customer service skills, Jamie has continued to develop his technical skill set, taking on Product Specialist roles, achieving promotion to 2nd Line Technician and becoming a POD leader in 2022.

Moving swiftly from strength to strength, Jamie exemplifies the core T.R.U.E values that are at the centre of the culture at Netmatters. Actively striving for success every day, fostering excellent communication with both his team and clients, and always ready for the next task at hand, Jamie Slater’s work ethic inspires everyone around him.

"Joining as a 1st Line Technician, Jamie swiftly showcased his technical prowess and an innate talent for delivering unparalleled customer service. His commitment to excellence extended beyond his initial role, and his daily outstanding performances earned Jamie a well-deserved promotion to 2nd Line, as he further climbed to the role of POD Leader. From here, Jamie has prompted excellent service within his team, prompting a positive outlook along with ensuring clients are best served.” - Robert George

A massive “Thank you” for all your hard work, Jamie, and congratulations on becoming a certified legend!

In celebration of Jamie’s 5-year Legend status, Netmatters are presenting him with the ‘Long Service Award’ along with a special gift to reward all his diligent work.

In addition, to honour Jamie’s Long Service Award, we have planted another 250 trees in our Ecologi Forest to help improve our Carbon Footprint. Check out the latest progress of ours Ecologi Scheme.

Netmatters is always looking to hire bright and talented individuals, so if you would like an informal chat – even if we are not advertising for your specific role – don’t hesitate to send your CV and cover letter.

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