February Notables 2024 - Celebrating Our Team

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6th March 2024

February Notables 2024

Celebrating the achievements and dedication of our staff, at Netmatters, we put aside some time each month to highlight the accomplishments of our teams and the attentive hard work of the individuals that choose to go the extra mile. 

As a company dedicated to cultivating a culture of progress and accomplishment, we find joy in exploring the exceptional achievements of our teams. We give special recognition to individuals who embody our T.R.U.E values and show unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch service to our clients. 

This month, we’re celebrating a truly committed team member – with nominations flooding in from team members – it's none other than Digital Marketing’s Rebecca Sibanda! Rebecca makes her role seem like a breeze, with work expertly managed and no detail missed – here's to you, Rebecca! 

 A Special Congratulations to Rebecca.    

“Rebecca has been super keen to take on some new challenges and responsibilities over the last few weeks. She is balancing managing her digi pod, starting to learn some tasks for maternity cover as well as helping out the wider team whilst some departmental changes are underway. Everything is being approached with a positive, confident manner which gives reassurance each task is gripped!” – Tessa Dempsey 
“For picking up her new duties of the additional marketing role well. Keep up the good work” – James Gulliver 
“We’ve started to roll out a new onboarding process in digital which came about off the back of a handful of NPFs. We’ve rolled this out for two clients with great success. Ollie, Rebecca and Haydn have been at the forefront of driving this forward, creating new procedures and just doing a damn good job of onboarding new clients. Keep it up guys.” – Jim Palmer

Introducing Our February Notables

Kieran Sprouse - Always providing a stella service to his customer, extremely good knowledge of his customer base and always willing to assist his customers to ensure they get best advice. – Alex Jones 

Rebecca Moore – HR has had an exceedingly busy few months with onboarding, recruitment and lots of other elements! Becky has been incredible at keeping up with workflow, and settling into some new responsibilities since her promotion to Senior HR Administrator in December. Great work ethic and always a joy to be around! – Bethany Shakespeare 

Elliot Norman – Elliot has recently picked up managing recruitment within Digital. I’ve been impressed by how natural this has been for Elliot, alongside taking on tips and tricks we have for ensuring we run great trial days, leading to great candidate placements! He has also stepped into a number of other responsibilities which he is managing out really well, ensuring to find the right balance in his day. – Bethany Shakespeare 

Mark Reilly – Mark has been smashing it on the leads front over the past few weeks with some really incredible numbers being reported. We’ve got lots of notable local businesses having a chat with us based on his hard work. I’ve also been impressed at how he has been able to adapt to the changing needs of the business and is making sure the split of leads required is being achieved – Tessa Dempsey 

Faizel Desai – really positive start to the year. Secured a new funding pilot and delivered back to back strong commercial growth. – Elliott Peacock 

Josh Gladman – delivering a very consistent work product, takes feedback well, and applies this to what he is doing to show real growth and improvement. – Elliott Peacock 

Callum Laxon – was really impressed with how we led a recent IT review meeting. He was really engaging and aligned with the clients needs, offering a deep understanding of recent works and usage as well as providing good logical suggestions to potential needs and problems. – Elliott Peacock 

Jonathan Haylock and Keenan Teeolis – Between Jon and Keen they had been notified of a change by a customer in passing that we identified was approaching a date they had given without sufficient action in place from their side to mitigate the impact of the change they were making, They identified a problem and made the customer aware, determined a plan and got a solution in place in an incredibly tight turnaround, but avoided a serious issue for the customer in doing so. – Tom Lancaster 

Emily Caseley – Emily did a fantastic job of presenting her content strategy to Moneyfacts. The feedback from both the client and internal people on the meeting was great – keep it up Emily. – Jim Palmer 

Alex Instone-Brewer & Emily Caseley – Due to our content writer not passing probation, Alex & Emily have stepped up and done an excellent job of managing the content for our customers and our own marketing. They have done such a good job that we have decided not to recruit and keep content between both of them. – Jim Palmer 

Ollie Thompson  – Ollie’s account management is notable, doing an excellent job in review meetings and wearing his customers on his sleeve. He’s always bringing up ideas to improve the department, something that I am always very receptive to hear as well as being a pleasure to work with. – Jim Palmer 

Haydn Leeds – Always going above and beyond, Haydn is a workhorse and a solid pair of hands to have within the team. He’s happy to train himself up in his own time to further his knowledge and skills, is the go to person for anything analytical and is often bringing new ideas to the table – he’s a definition of a good egg. – Jim Palmer 

Faizel Desai – doing a fantastic job managing the Scion program. Delivering the goods and moving initiatives along. Well done – James Gulliver 

Joe Trower – working very hard to secure more wins – James Gulliver 

Ryan Nicol – doing a great job and making really good progress – James Gulliver  

Alex Jones – Delivering a very good customer experience showing empathy and genuine care – James Gulliver  

Joe Trower - We have had a great start to the year in terms of Telecoms Sales, currently rolling above target and we have a nice, focused pipeline to go at.  Joe is approaching the opportunities with vigour; he is commercially aware when adjusting our offering to meet the client’s needs. He presents himself professionally and I think customers like to buy from Joe. Joe has been working the relationship with a key referral partner and has a good relationship with existing clients so they are happy to provide references for our system and service delivery to prospective clients. Well done Joe, 2024 is set to be a great year! – Chris Gulliver  

Jess Rout – Jess did an excellent job covering the department during a period of extended holiday, stepping up to take on additional responsibilities and keeping the Operations Department running smoothly – James Street  

Sam Driver - Sam has been called again and again by myself this month to help clear up questions on packages, the admin system, and any number of other things. Every time he answers with an upbeat and positive attitude, always willing to provide the assistance needed. An absolute asset and a pleasure to work with - Matt Hurst  

Emily Mackley, Mike Grimshaw, Sam Driver, Zach Gilbert, Jimmy Wright and Christopher Kelker - They have all put in an incredible amount of work over the last month to deliver a huge project for the software team. Putting in overtime and pushing very hard to ensure work is getting completed and ready for the customer. The whole project had a tight deadline and the team have been incredible in pulling together. – Adam Greer  

Tomas Leigh – Receiving great feedback from clients with excellent customer service and diligence in his work – Robert George  

Vincent Bullock – Settled in really well into his role and grasping workflow – Robert George  

Lucy Hathaway – Doing really well in being an advocate of customer service and assisting another POD with work levels – Robert George  

Dieter Harper – Receiving positive feedback from client with is professionalism and worth ethic presenting Netmatters in a great light– Robert George  

Matthew Chapman – Doing fantastically well in managing a notoriously complicated client with diligent feedback, communications and providing excellent Technical advice. – Robert George   

Liam Spence – Liam delivers what he promises, remains calm under pressure and makes sure the clients needs are met without fuss and wasted effort no matter if it is a small task or a complex project.  – Tom Lancaster  

Will Thompson – Will has come along way in a short amount of time since he became a PM, he is confident in his work and works very well with the wider IT Service delivery team. – Tom Lancaster  

Scott Hellings – Scott accompanied his PM to an initial onsite meeting with a customer we had been working with for a while, and did a great job of answering technical questions on the fly which really helped instil confidence in the client that the project was in good hands, he has overall really taken ownership of the works to the project to ensure we’re providing continuous benefit to the customer. – Tom Lancaster  

Rob Edmonds – handling an out of hours go live for a system go live,  going the extra mile for that to ensure we’re delivering a successful go live for the customer and tech leading the large system build towards a successful go live – Tom Lancaster  

Lewis Wilby– delivering high levels of ongoing support to the project management team and great work across all of his projects. – Tom Lancaster  

Matt Hurst – Always willing to off support and develop the teammates around him. – Tom Lancaster  

Sam Driver – Being instrumental in the development of an ongoing project, producing exceptional results and supporting the team in the increased workload. – Simon Wright  

Zach Gilbert – Picking up some incredibly complex mapping work, without an available support net and working through it at pace to produce a quality product the client is thrilled with. – Simon Wright  

Ben Bandrowski – Taking on higher level tasks and getting stuck in with challenging tasks without any complaints, always keen and eager to learn more! – Simon Wright  

Peter Holmes – Steadying the ship in the absence of Simon, providing quality feedback and working hard to ensure the department kept moving smoothly. – Simon Wright  

Rob Edmonds - for his exceptional work on a recent project, his excellent communication with the client and team throughout, consistently providing and actioning great solutions, and overseeing it from start through to a smooth go-live. Great job! – Simon Wright  

Celebrating Your Achievements  

A huge congratulations to every single February notable. Keep up the excellent work and demonstrating the T.R.U.E Netmatters values!  

If you would like to be a part of our fantastic team and be in the running for some extra treats through our notable employee scheme each month, view our open job vacancies today, discover our benefits, and join a team that champions excellence and get rewarded for your efforts.  

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