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COVID-SAFE software from Netmatters available now

Covid Safe Compliance Software - £36 for New Customers

Screenshot of the COVID SAFE software from Netmatters - New Policy Screen

Throughout the goings on of the last few months, we have continued to put our best foot forward to assist our customers through this difficult time. It has been crucial for businesses to band together to weather the storm of the Coronavirus, ensuring, as many doors remain open as possible.

We have been working closer than ever with our customers and even welcomed some new ones on board to be able to deliver an expert service that supports their business objectives and keeps them thriving during this time of uncertainty.

As we have moved through the pandemic, alongside our usual service across IT Support, Telecoms, Digital Marketing, and Web Development, we have also been looking at ways to be able to offer additional support to our customers through bespoke software opportunities. It was important to us that we adapt to the new version of ‘normal’ and whatever that may look like as we move forward.

The result of this has been our Covid Safe Compliance Software. Something we are offering NEW CUSTOMERS for just £36 a month – let us tell you more.

Demonstrating the COVID SAFE software from Netmatters

Covid Safe Compliance Software:

As part of our custom built platform, Sysflow, we have been able to create a piece of software, specifically designed to assist you return to work as we start to see lockdown restrictions lifted and companies reopening their doors.

This software is cloud based and focuses specifically, on storing any policies and procedures your business has. The main function of the platform is for a business to ensure that all its employees have read and understood information about how they should operate when working. These policies can then be adapted to meet the specific needs of any business.

The built in functionality of the platform means that ‘roles’ can be created whereby, groups of employees doing the same job, can be grouped together and in turn, will be sent emails from the platform asking them to log in and read the relevant policies once or at any frequency that has been set by the business.

‘Read Rules’ are also created as a subsequent audit trail, allowing businesses to be sure it is doing all it can to protect its staff and customers alike. It means that they are aware of who has read each policy and ensures that every single member of staff is up to speed on the requirements.

With so much to consider on the return to work and with careful steps to follow because of the ongoing pandemic, it is of critical importance that these policies are understood and actioned in day-to-day working all of the time.

In addition to Covid-19 policies, the platform can also be used for managing other areas such as GDPR processes, ISO, Cyber Essentials, Health and Safety and general Company policies and procedures, meaning this programme can be used long beyond the end of Coronavirus as a tool to keep things in line.

Netmatters COVID-SAFE software on a mobile

Features and Benefits:

As we have already mentioned, one of the main features and benefits of this platform is that it is cloud based. This means that the platform is completely standalone and can be customised as you see fit for the requirements of your business.

However, other key features and benefits of our Compliance Software include:

  • Automated: The software will automatically send emails to staff asking them to read any relevant policies either once or on a recurring basis. This takes out the administration time of this task and allows resource to be deployed elsewhere.

  • Scalable: Although designed to assist with the Covid pandemic, the software is not limited to this. It is completely scalable to be used across other areas of the business as new policies and procedures are introduced to your business or as you welcome new starters who need to be aware of them.

  • Traceable: The software allows you to monitor those who have read or are still to read everything that is sent. This includes sending reminders to those that need additional prompts to get these actions completed.

  • Personalised: Each platform that we deploy is completely standalone and the limit to what can be personalised for your business has no restrictions. It will allow you to create custom policies for each ‘role’ dependant on your business needs.

  • Manageable: The software has a centralised system which allows you to manage all aspects of the platform and check in on things whenever it is required. It also means that you can access the dashboard from wherever you are to stay on top of what is being actioned.

Tablet version of the Netmatters COVID-SAFE software

What Next?

We are offering this software to NEW CUSTOMERS at a cost of £36 a month.

This allows you full access to the programme with all of the features and benefits we mention above, with no time limit on usage.

Included in this, will be the deployment of your software, along with a scheduled training session via webinar, detailing how to utilise it to its maximum potential.

Initially default policies and procedures that most businesses need to consider are added to the platform but through the relevant training, we can show you how to develop the software to suit all the requirements of your business.

As you would expect from our expert IT Support team, we will also always be available to assist you with any questions/queries that arise as your business welcomes this tool.

If this sounds like a program that will assist, you through the transition back to your premises and beyond, we encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss it further.

COVID-SAFE from Netmatters Flowchart demonstrating the process
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