August Notables 2023

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Here at Netmatters, we value the hard work and achievements accomplished by our staff. That is why each month, every department takes some time out to recognise and champion the professional effort of people who have gone above and beyond to deliver high-quality work, delivering the best possible services for our clients.

Placing our T.R.U.E values at the heart of everything we do here at Netmatters, this August has been no exception, with each department continuing to deliver an outstanding overall performance, surpassing expectations both through diligent individual hard work and as a unified team.

As a company that supports a culture of training, progress, success and achievement, we love to take a dive into the month and celebrate the achievements of our teams and individuals to ensure that each employee gets the recognition that they deserve.

To kick off this month's notables, we would like to start with a special congratulations.

A Special Congratulations to Leon Burnham

  “Doing a great job in managing the output of his POD, ensuring service levels are met within the team along with balancing the technical work he has to complete with ongoing projects”. – Robert George
  “Leon has helped manage and direct clients to take on our advice against their reservations, and we have started to see a number of positive results because of this. Quality job Leon!"– Matt Hurst
  “Always handles every situation with care and precision, delivering great customer service and technical skills. – Chris Waldie

Introducing Our August Notables

Ollie Thompson – Ollie did an exceptional job securing new business for the digital marketing department that will be starting in September. Providing excellent customer feedback, Ollie called and spoke with the client to provide a comprehensive overview of all the benefits Netmatters could offer, helping alleviate any concerns the client had. Thank you for your help on this Ollie - Jim Palmer

Mercedez Butler - Big shout out to Mercedez for her expert management of a client's account and concerns! Providing clear solutions, they're so happy that they now want us to spend their excess marketing budget before the end of the month, just so they don't lose it for next year! Fantastic work! – Jim Palmer

Marcus Sladden – Marcus’ management of accounts is always beautiful to see. From liking a customer’s post on LinkedIn to having conversations about their weekend – Marcus goes above and beyond to build relationships with his clients. He’s even been asked to coach running to one of his client’s kids. Keep up the good work Marcus! – Jim Palmer

Gary Cullen – Gary is consistently hitting his digital retained targets, winning some fantastic new business along with having a healthy pipeline of future opportunities. The size of retainers he is winning is increasing too, which means that the team have more time to do a fantastic job, exceed expectations and deliver on the customer’s objectives. Keep it up Gary! – Jim Palmer

Haydn Leeds – Haydn did a fantastic job helping Gary secure a 40-hour retainer for a new business. Haydn assisted with putting the deck together and attended the pitch which led to the client signing on the dotted line ready to start in September. Well done mate, keep it up! – Jim Palmer

Tessa Dempsey – Working very hard to deliver results and move the company forward in terms of brand and ethos. – James Gulliver

Mark Reilly – An unsung hero – until now! Mark is a silent hero, quietly doing an excellent job, securing a consistent quality and quantity of leads. – James Gulliver

Emily Mackley – Doing a great job managing some challenging projects in an effective and efficient manner. – James Gulliver

Adam Jaggs – Adam is always willing to assist with whatever is thrown his way. Adam goes above and beyond for Netmatters and external customers, always sporting a positive attitude. Keep up the great work! – Alex Jones

Amanda Sharp - Dedicated to helping the team, Amanda stayed late to lend her expertise from a previous role at Netmatters that was necessary to get a project over the line for another pod. Amanda stepped up to get the job done to ensure the service was delivered on time with no hiccups. Very much appreciated Amanda! – Matt Hurst

Jaz Instone-Brewer – Jaz went above and beyond this month to take some new images for our marketing. With an expert touch, she really put people at ease and ensured to keep things moving with the point and focus of the photo’s objective! – Bethany Shakespeare

Samantha Lupton - Doing a great job taking over the reins of a squad whilst managing her existing workload, Samantha provided a great experience for customers and taking the lead and providing direction on difficult projects – Simon Wright

Tom Lancaster - Gripping hosting and getting it back on track and working towards not just being better organised and meeting our TRUE values– Simon Wright

Drew Halls - Working hard to resolve a recent server upgrade, Drew takes a complete approach to his workload, being available when you need and getting stuck in at a moment’s notice, all to help others through challenging circumstances. – Simon Wright

Scott Hellings - His dedication to learning everything he can about new technologies, and anything else thrown at him shows in the impressive work he's producing. – Simon Wright

Rebecca Brine – Steering some large and challenging projects with a positive can-do attitude, continues to show improvements and really takes ownership of providing for her clients. – Elliott Peacock

Matt Hurst – taking on and solving problems with a real alacrity – getting involved in client questions and opportunities to drive increased service levels and standards, always with a focus on client satisfaction. – Elliott Peacock

Adam Jaggs – Constantly providing exceptional customer service and a great level of work. – Robert George

Scott Covey – Always happy to take on additional work when put in front of him to find the answers. – Robert George

Harry Lynch – Done a great job for Buttercups Wi-Fi project which is leading to more opportunities from the client after being impressed with the work he has done for them. – Robert George

Ollie Thompson – Has an infectious positivity which is always great to see. – Robert George

Alex Jones & Aaron Cook – Doing some awesome work in Telecoms and on LinkedIn to help promote the service line – James Street

Elliot Tarling – Has provided some great support to the Operations team in recent weeks, allowing us to progress projects – James Street

Courtney Noël – After an intensive 3-week crash course and then being on her own in Accounts for 2 weeks, she has hit the ground running in Accounts; smashing through tasks efficiently and without issue. Great job Courtney – James Street

Joshua Gladman – Josh has put in lots of extra effort over the past month, and it’s paid off! Exceeding target 3 weeks in a row, with some great leads being passed across to Bus Dev, Josh has taken on some feedback extremely well and translated this into some great calls with prospective clients - Tessa Dempsey

Celebrating Your Achievements

A huge congratulations to each and every August notable – Keep up the excellent work and keep championing the Netmatters T.R.U.E values!

If you would like to be a part of our fantastic team and be in the running for some extra treats through our notable employee scheme each month, view our open job vacancies today, discover our benefits, and join a team that champions excellence and get rewarded for your efforts.

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