Netmatters Scion Coalition Scheme Hits Significant Milestone

Tessa Dempsey
Posted by Tessa Dempsey

Netmatters Scion Coalition Scheme Hits Significant Milestone

The Netmatters Scion Coalition Scheme (SCS) is celebrating a significant milestone this year - more than 50 SCS graduates have been trained and placed in digital roles across the UK.

The SCS began in 2017 by offering training to individuals looking to start a career in software and website development. Today we are celebrating the fact that more than 50 individuals have taken on the course and been able to secure a career in development. In the last year, the course has expanded to offer training for individuals keen to train as digital marketers and IT Support technicians too.

Completion of the course takes around 3-6 months to complete and is very hands-on, students are treated as regular employees, working 40 hours a week, Monday-Friday, accruing holiday and sickness like they would in full-time work. There are also team activities, both in and out of work, for everyone to get involved in.

The course is primarily delivered online and open to people of all ages. Trainees work at their own pace alongside others, with access to senior technicians within Netmatters as mentors. Our goal is to help individuals succeed and gain paid employment at the end of their training. Students are given the opportunity to build the skills and gain the confidence to enter the workplace. The course has a 95% success rate, meaning almost every student who has completed the course has gone on into employment.

Trainees have a bespoke project built for them, with milestones to meet, projects to complete, and reflection activities.

One of our early graduates, Ash, speaks on his experience as a part of the scheme. 

Ash had some previous experience of programming but didn’t feel comfortable enough to jump straight into a role as a developer, so joined the Scion Scheme. The reflection projects were one of Ash’s favourite parts of the scheme, as it allowed him to solidify what he had learned. Ash, who is now a Senior Developer at Netmatters, has some great advice for anyone looking for a career in tech; 

Learn how to learn, the world of tech is everchanging, don’t be afraid to ask for advice or help, and don’t compare yourself to others and their progress; instead think about what you know now that you didn’t know last week. - Ash Ward - Senior Developer at Netmatters and Scion Graduate

Max, a more recent graduate of the scheme also really enjoyed the reflection projects, as they allowed him to really showcase what he had learned and see how he had progressed.

Max initially applied for the scheme to gain experience in a professional setting, as the main thing companies look for within tech roles is experience. 

The knowledge and experience you gain from undertaking the Scion Scheme really helps to set you apart from other candidates when you are seeking employment - Max Jermy - Recent Scion Graduate

The Scion Coalition Scheme is going from strength to strength, and building on the success in the Eastern region we are now rolling out the scheme across the whole of the UK. We are particularly proud to be working with a number of job centres to allow us to offer this opportunity to individuals who are currently out of work.

If you are interested in applying for the scheme, please visit our website and get in contact!

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