How to Benefit From Data Insights

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How to Benefit from Data Insights 

What Are Data Insights and How You Can Analyse Your Data?

Data insights are very powerful when it comes to your marketing efforts, it allows you to get a deep dive into how your business is performing on a digital level and it also allows you to cater to what marketing efforts are working for your business and allows you to make important business decisions on what direction to head in. 

Data can come in all different forms but the biggest hitters are:

•   Meta Business Suite

•   Google Analytics

If you are not familiar with any of these data insights platforms then it would be worth spending some time getting familiar with the platforms but we'll run through things with you! 

How to Benefit from Data Insights

Understanding the Basics: Facebook & Instagram

These two platforms are arguably the heaviest hitters when it comes to reaching customers online in the digital world, especially when it comes to the content you are pushing out as a business and there are a few terms that you should be familiar with when analysing your data on social media. Both organically and paid!

Engagement: This comes in the form of how people are interacting with your content, likes, comments, shares, and mentions. Basically anytime someone interacts with your content it counts as an engagement. 

Reach: The clue is in the name with reach, this is how much your content is being shown to people, the more reach, the more potential customers you may have.

Clicks: Another obvious one here, clicks show how many people have physically clicked on your ad or your content, this is an important metric to measure as it shows truly how many people are interacting with your content which then leads us onto...

Click Through Rate (CTR): This relates to the number of times people are clicking on your content divided by the number of impressions of that post. For example: If your content had 100 impressions with 1 click your clickthrough rate would be 1%. As a rule of thumb, the average CTR for social media for all industries is 2%.

Conversions: This can mean a few different things, your conversions are set up by you and can be measured by product purchases, email signs ups, or course sign-ups to name a few examples. 

ROI: This stands for the return of investment and is in relation to your conversions. If you spend £10 on your social media advertising and sell one of your products for £50 your ROI on that specific ad would be 300% which is very exaggerated. The average ROI across all industries is around 87%.

ROAS: Stands for return on ad spend and equates to how much revenue is earned based on every £1 spent on a campaign. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is responsible for showing you all of the data that is associated with your website, there are a huge array of things that you can measure on the platform.

What is important the realise is that Google Analytics has different segments on the platform ranging from traffic analysis, Google ads, and specific campaign metrics. Today we'll just be covering the basics:

Traffic Analysis

Organic Search: Relates to how many users have visited your websites organically (not paid) so they have searched google on their own accord and found your website.

Paid Search: Another clue in the name one here, this means that a user has found your website through a result of your paid ad campaign.

Direct: A user is defined as direct traffic when they have typed in your URL on their search bar or clicked on your site through their bookmarks. 

Social: Google Analytics can track whether your traffic has come from social media, so websites such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter will show up on the platform.

Referral: This type of traffic comes from someone clicking another link on a website that isn't your own. For example, someone has used one of your links on one of their pages and someone has clicked on it.

How to Benefit from Data Insights

Audience Data Insights

Bounce rate: A very important metric to keep an eye on. Bounce rate measures the percentage of users who land on your website and do completely nothing on the page they entered, this could be because the page is broken or just not engaging enough for them to interact.

Average session duration: You want this number to be as high as possible as you want your users to hang around your site as long as possible to find what they are looking for. If the number is very low that means they haven't had a great experience with your site.

Page views: Another important one, who doesn't like their page to be viewed? Keep an eye on this one over time as it should increase depending on what campaign you are running for your business. 

As you can see there is a lot of data for you to be able to analyse and benefit from, these are just the most basic and important ones but the world is your oyster for the amount of data you can analyse with Meta and Google Analytics. 

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