How is Sofia Getting Smarter?

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AI helps businesses work smarter

It’s time for us to introduce you to Sofia, one of Netmatters’ most valued assets. Sofia is an AI who administers and oversees the work we do.  

It is safe to say that Netmatters wouldn’t run the way it does without Sofia, and as with most AIs we are constantly looking to make it smarter and more efficient. This article will give an overview of some of the most important things Sofia is responsible for, and may even inspire you to explore the possibility of AI in your business.

Automating Processes

Like many businesses, we understand the value of automation. It means our staff can focus their time on bringing real value for our customers. Emails are a prime example of this.

Emails contain information that often needs to be made accessible to everyone in the team. However, one aspect of a clear inbox policy is that it takes time to organise emails properly.

This is where Sofia comes in. Not only can Sofia automatically file emails in client-specific folders, it creates tasks for staff members who have not cleared their inbox. This automated process makes for clear communication across our workforce.

Actioning Unallocated Time

At Netmatters, our bespoke support packages are minute-based. Therefore, time for us represents value for our clients. Sofia analyses time allocation for each one of our client’s packages.

If a client has a certain amount of time waiting to be allocated, Sofia will trigger notifications to staff. From there, the time will be distributed in tasks deemed to be the most important or valuable.

Allocating time evenly throughout the month ensures consistent care and focus. This results in the kind of quality that brings a positive return on investment for our customers.

Making Sure That Time is Utilised Efficiently

As a full-service agency, our departments and teams often collaborate on a single task. Therefore, tasks can be reassigned based on progress and individual expertise.

With this kind of process in place, we need to ensure everyone is on the same page with time allocation. If a task appears set to go over its allocated timeframe, Sofia will notify the task creator or a Project Manager.

Notifying the right people of fluctuating timescales enables us to distribute time strategically. It can also make them aware of unforeseen circumstances that may necessitate more time to be allocated. 

Sending Reminders for Inactive Tasks

Without flexibility in the workplace, we wouldn’t be able to remain responsive to new tasks. However, it’s important to for us to keep sight on tasks that are already in progress – even if they may have been deprioritised in favour of more urgent tasks.

Sofia automatically detects when a task that is over 4 weeks old has had no time spent on it. It then marks it as requiring triage. The task can then be picked up as a priority. It can also be deferred if it is determined that another task takes precedence.

If there is a delay in completing a task, there could be a dissonance between how it was started and how it is finished. At Netmatters, we start and finish tasks with the same high standards.

We hope we’ve provided a good insight into how we work, and what systems are in place to ensure we do the best we can. Our ultimate goal is to provide value for our clients, working efficiently to help them reach their goals. 

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