How Is Automation Changing The Business Game?

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Business Game

The main objective for most, if not all, businesses, is to grow efficiently year on year. Some even shoot for the stars and set their sights on becoming the market leader in their industry and rightly so, every business has the potential. However, what some businesses lack is the time, resources and software to achieve their goals.

If a business is operating 365 days a year, the chances of the same tasks coming up again and again are quite high. If your staff are tied up in repetitive work, how are you ever going to be able to utilise their skills to take your business to the next level?

Make Way for Automation...

Simply defined, automation is the use of an automatic system to complete repetitive tasks. It is predicted that nowadays over 80% of businesses use some form of automated system in their day to day operations.

The business world runs faster with technology and refusing to implement it, only puts your competitors a step ahead of you.

That being said, automation doesn’t have to be about spending thousands on robots or machinery. It exists to create a smooth work process to reduce or completely eliminate human intervention with certain tasks such as sorting emails or sending reminders.

Although it looks different for every business, the benefits of automation are overarching and can assist you in achieving your company KPI’s in more ways than one. Here are our top 5:

Improve the Efficiency and Speed of Your Processes

Who wouldn’t want to improve the speed and effectiveness of each business process? Automation can assist in making this a day to day reality. With it, you can reduce manual errors and inefficiency associated with human work. Automation means that processes take less time and the flexibility of it means that you can update it accordingly to suit your business needs.

Infinty efficiency chart

Improved Customer Experience

With the digital age moving ever forward, customers service expectations moves forward too. They no longer want long response times or an inconsistent experience with a business, they want quick answers and quality service. Automated systems allow you to answer your customers via email, phone support or after-sales service. All information can be centrally stored and easily accessible in a CMS, bridging the gap between the customer and each member of the team meaning an all-round greater service is provided.

Business Never Stops

No matter how much you love work and how many hours you try and squeeze out of the day, without sleep, your brain won’t function and therefore your business would suffer. The good news about an automated system is that it doesn’t get tired and can continuously run 24 hours a day, assigning work and completing tasks ready for the next day.

Happier and More Productive Employees

Although they’d likely never admit to you, no member of staff will enjoy mundane tasks and as a result, productivity levels may decrease through boredom and frustration. The beauty of an automated system is that it allows your staff to focus on work that will bring a real benefit whilst the system looks after the more procedural tasks to a consistent, high standard. It will also allow your employees to focus on the important things and the parts of their job they enjoy doing, thus increasing their job satisfaction and in turn productivity levels.

Business Awareness, No Matter Where You Are

If your business is based in more than one location, has more than one team or offers the option to work from home, it can be hard to consistently have an eye on what everyone is doing without constant updates. Having a centralised system in place means that you can check in at any time with tasks to review actions, make updates or report back to your customer should you so need to. It also means that your staff won’t feel the need to constantly waste their time updating you themselves.

We’ve Got Sofia – Who do You Want?

Sofia is one of the most valued members of our team but Sofia doesn’t sit at the desk next to our director, oh no – she is everywhere. Sofia is an AI who administers and oversees the work we do. We’d be lost without her. Sofia assists us in automating processes, auctioning unallocated time, ensures that time is utilised efficiently, sends reminders for inactive tasks and categorises emails – to name a few things. We built her to suit our business needs and keep us on track to achieve our business objectives.

Sofia is just one example of the systems we can build at Netmatters. If this article has inspired you to put an automated system in place or you’d like your own version of Sofia, we’d love to talk you about your requirements further. 

Please get in touch with our expert developers by filling out the form below, or by calling us on 01603 515007 to start the process of automating your business.

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