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Every month at Netmatters, we acknowledge the hard work our team undertakes, by monitoring and recognising outstanding performances with the Notable Employees award, and this month is no different. The year is still young, however, it has shown us that it is not going to be an easy one and whatever issues arise, there is a team member ready to exceed expectations.

The Notable of Notables is presented to a member of staff who delivered a final product on a task to a standard that can be described as no less than exceptional. This month we are delighted to present the award to Chris Waldie.

The Most Notable of Notable Employees

Chris Waldie

Netmatters notable employee for February

Recently Chris has handled two emergency tasks for customers and worked tirelessly to get them back to a good working order, whilst also managing an already impressive workload. Additionally Chris has also taken on a new, very large, client recently and saved another business from data loss after an attempted malware attack. It is noted that a good portion of the work Chris has undertaken recently has spilled over into the weekends; however, this has not stopped him in his desire to provide our customers with an exceptional service. 

Chris Waldie - has taken on some key clients in periods of transition, and has managed this positively and pragmatically, ensuring a good end result for both the client and Netmatters. Has really gone the extra mile with projects such as Netmatters telephones and Northern diver – Elliott Peacock

This Month’s Other Notable Employee Nominations:

Kayleigh Hall - This month Kayleigh took over leading the Scion Squad, although you wouldn’t know that as it looks like she’s been doing it for years. She has instantly taken to the interview process and began leading them after the first one. A very quick study and keen to establish herself in the role, making changes to the program and not afraid to make tough decisions – Adam Greer

Daniel Clark – was instrumental in identifying Gapton Computers as a potential partnering opportunity. Dan worked hard to get the key players around table and has worked very hard ensuring that all Gapton customers will come across to Netmatters. He has also identified a considerable amount of additional work already for all departments from these customers – James Gulliver

Lydia Whitney  – Has hit the ground running and delivered some real quality work for our digital marketing clients.  She shows a real concern and awareness of the customers objectives and has shown she can deliver the marketing magic – James Gulliver

Emma Henderson and Ola Lawal - GDPR Angels for the work they have put into the GDPR process and how this is being managed between them - Chris Gulliver

Alex Chenery-Howes - has recently started dealing directly with clients and his communication skills, particularly over the phone, have really impressed us – He’s definitely setting the bar high for the rest of us – Marco Barra

Well done to all of our nominees this month! The Notable Employee Scheme is one of a number of perks that the company offers to all employees. If you would like to join our growing team and be in the running for some extra goodies, get in touch with us today; we’re always on the lookout for great people to join us! 

You can contact us via the form below, or ring us on 01603 515007 today.

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