The Green Team Reducing Our Carbon Footprint - Part 4

The Green Team Reducing Our Carbon Footprint - Part 4

At Netmatters, we are continuing to support carbon reduction and reforestation projects through our Ecologi Programme and recently, we were award the ‘2 Years of Climate Impact’ badge. We have made amazing progress on our forest since our last update in November, and we can’t wait to share this with you.

Since November, we have planted another 1,000 trees, with a total of 8,511 trees now sitting in our forest. We have also increased our offset of carbon dioxide from 317.4 tonnes to 332.4 tonnes - which is the equivalent to 824,684 miles driven in a car!

The Green Team Reducing Our Carbon Footprint - Part 4

We have helped to fund 38 projects since setting up our Ecologi forest 2 years ago. A few projects we have directly supported are onshore wind energy generation in Taiwan, reducing carbon dioxide by 26.49 tonnes, in addition to producing electricity from wind power in Northeast Thailand, reducing carbon dioxide by 26.14 tonnes.

At Netmatters, we have curated an Environmental Policy which outlines our reduction targets, the initiatives we take to stay on target and how we monitor those initiatives. We have a total Carbon Footprint target reduction of 5% per year with an additional target of a Full Electric Fleet by 2023.

To reach these targets, a number of initiatives have been undertaken to reduce environmental impact, for example installing low-energy LED lighting, car charging points for electric vehicles and becoming an almost completely paperless office. To continue our commitment to reducing environmental impact, we closely monitor our actions and the whole team are active in providing recommendations to improve our Environmental Policy.

This is just a few parts of the work we have undertaken at Netmatters to help reduce our carbon footprint as well as offset the CO2 we produce. 

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