Don't Cut Off Communication - How Can 3cx Help You Prepare For Remote Working?

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3CX Remote Working

Telephones have been around forever, or so it can feel like. Over time, these phones have adapted to become smaller, smarter looking and have more efficient features, giving you the freedom to speak to who you want, whenever you want. For businesses, it’s a connection to customers, staff and suppliers.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we know that there are far more interesting things we can talk about as opposed to phones, but with the current climate, Coronavirus and all, we think that keeping your business connected to your customers is of the upmost importance.

With huge organisations including Google, Sony and Twitter leading the way for remote working, a contingency plan is key to keeping your business talking.

Let us talk to you about 3CX.

What is it?

3CX is an open-standard communications solution that offers you a complete unified network straight out of the box. In short, rather than making calls over a traditional phone line the software allows your users to use VoIP, keeping them in touch with a reliable connection wherever they are. Users need only log into the software and they are connected with their usual contact details – even if they are nowhere near the office.

Regardless of your industry, 3CX can accommodate for every need, allowing mobility, flexibility and increased productivity across your business.

It has fast become the one stop solution to business communications, with over 250,000 installations worldwide so far, and it’s only expected to grow further over the next 5 years.

How is it benefiting businesses?

Whilst there are a heap of benefits associated to installing this software, with the current economic climate, the key benefit for businesses right now is the mobility of it.

3CX has a full range of features that businesses require day to day, but it’s built-in functionality means that it can be taken anywhere, at no extra cost or inconvenience to you. 

With so many organisations looking at how they can make remote-working a possibility for their people, businesses with 3CX software already in place can rest assured that this process will be automatically streamlined. Users can make calls, video conference, screen-share, live chat and ensure end to end customer service, despite being away from the physical office.

Alongside this mobility is the two-pronged cost-saving benefit to your business. Not only does 3CX save you money by billing based on the calls made, rather than the number of users as many other solutions do, allowing your staff to work from any location whilst there is uncertainty means the hit to your profitability will be minimal. Additionally, your people will benefit by being able to continue working (and earning), whatever the conditions.

The disruption to your business will be minimal, which will keep your clients and shareholders happy. Tasks, projects and processes can continue as normal and your business will remain resilient, and your staff healthy.

Having a plan in place, and communicating it to your clients helps you stand out from the crowd, it also instils customer confidence and highlights your business as a forward-thinking, market leader.

How has 3CX helped us?

Netmatters was a prime candidate for 3CX. Not only do we have two sites in Wymondham, separated by a road, but we also have an IT support office located in Gorleston and new Scion location opening in Bury St Edmunds. We also have clients all over the country who we need to be able to speak with whenever necessary.

For us, having an effective communicative process is critical to operating successfully, and delivering an expert digital service. The freedom the software gives us means that we can talk to members of the team across multiple offices with ease. It allows us to maintain productivity as it reduces the need to be away from our desks but stillgather answers quickly, meaning minimal delays when it comes to fixing any issues and relaying details to our customers.

Introducing 3CX to our business also means that we always have a contingency plan in place, should the worst happen. We are prepared for all instances of remote working, meaning that for us, business continues as normal.

It was important to us that our customers understood that regardless of the situation at hand, we would be able to assist them in continuing to work towards their objectives, helping their business grow despite adversity. 

Financially, this has benefited us massively. Not only has it reduced our overall costs but also it means that we never really have to stop working. For us, although being forced to close our offices would be an inconvenience, with 3CX business doesn’t have to stop.

So what next?

The most important message in the news right now is to be prepared – be aware of what is happening and to have contingency plans in place.

Whilst many of us are hopeful that the situation is going to improve, can your business really take the risk if the Government requires all businesses to close their office doors

3CX has allowed us, and many businesses like us, to get the ball rolling and make an effective contingency plan. We have already communicated our planned approach with customers and staff alike and by getting everything in place now it means we can react quickly to the constantly changing circumstances, protecting our staff and allowing a smooth transition to remote working. So minimal that your customers won’t even notice.

We are a 3CX partner and can provide you with a solution that will allow business to continue as normal in the face of uncertainty.

If you have growing concerns about what may happen to your business over the coming weeks without effective communication software, we encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible.

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