Congratulations Amanda on Graduating the SCS

Posted by Netmatters
Amanda Graduating the SCS

We are pleased to announce that after four months with Netmatters, Amanda Sharp has successfully graduated our Scion Coalition Scheme (SCS). We are even more pleased to announce that Amanda has accepted a position with us here at Netmatters as web developer to progress her career.

The Netmatters SCS was created to bridge the gap in the local tech industry and to help create new opportunities for aspiring web developers to progress in their training and, therefore career. This is why, the Scion Coalition Scheme is a professional development training program that teaches technical skills, but also how to work appropriately in a professional environment.

Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to offer employment opportunities following completion of the scheme. We partner with a number of varying companies in the East Anglian region like Engage Health Systems Ltd, Tech East, Modality systems and of course, Netmatters.

These past few months, we have seen Amanda flourishing within this scheme, proving herself to be a confident developer and an asset to any employer. Her hard work has resulted in her being offered a role within our company and her success acts as a testament to the Scion Coalition Scheme, proving it to be an invaluable opportunity for bright, motivated people.

"Amanda has been a real asset to our Scion Scheme. She has a great work ethic and has a bright and no doubt successful career ahead of her. Overall, the experience has been incredibly rewarding for both Amanda and Netmatters and we look forward to having her as part of our team" - Tom Lancaster, Scion Coalition Scheme Training Manager

We’d like to once again congratulate Amanda and are extremely thankful for all of the dedication shown throughout her time here. We hope you join us in wishing Amanda the best of luck.

Are you interested in helping us grow the next generation of tech talent? Our developers will be looking for a company where they reach their full potential and will be sure to make an impact in your organisation. Speak to us today about becoming a sponsor?

For all questions relating to the Scion Coalition Scheme, contact Netmatters today. Call us on 01603 515007 to speak to an expert member of the team. Alternatively, you can contact us on the form below.

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