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7th February 2024

The Client

Sepura is a global leader in the design, development and supply of digital radio solutions, as well as complementary accessories and devices. Since 2002, they have used their knowledge and expertise surrounding business/mission critical communications to provide the highest quality Professional Mobile Radio solutions.

Although they are based in Cambridge, they have developed an outstanding reputation across the world as a trusted partner to public safety and commercial customers. 

The Problem

Sepura approached Netmatters as they were looking to invest in the redevelopment of their SharePoint Intranet site which was originally developed back in 2012. Their original solution had become outdated, with limited functionality that no longer met the needs of the business.

The main aim of the build was to create centralised hubs where their key service departments could share critical documentation and information securely, whilst also providing enhanced functionality that could benefit company culture, such as the sharing of staff news and events to drive internal engagement. 

The Solution

To begin the project, the team at Netmatters worked with the client to determine exactly what features were required for the intranet platform, and then to build wireframes and practical schedules to ensure the smooth delivery of a project that would exceed expectations.

Netmatters’ resulting proposal was to develop a new intranet platform using SharePoint online. The solution was designed in keeping with a modern hub and sub-site layout, with one main hub dashboard, and four sub-sites for their core service departments. This allowed for easy navigation, and with a modern, slick interface, made it far simpler for staff to find what they were looking for.

This structure included functionality to allow for the sharing of content, news, videos and events, and well as the secure housing and sharing of critical documentation – essentially creating a two-way communication tool for the business.

Throughout the project, our approach was to build iteratively – maintaining constant communication with the client whilst also rolling the project out in phases to ensure that all staff members were comfortable with the new platform before adding in additional features. This allowed for minimal disruptions in the client’s processes and operations.

Man on Tablet with Seepura Logo.

The Final Result 

Capacity for Enhanced Engagement 

A revamped central resource and hub for all internal content has meant that all staff receive consistent and regular communication from the business to help improve engagement across the organisation.

Two Way Communication

The implementation of comments allows for two-way communication between staff and managers in the business, creating a space for transparency and feedback. Subject to permissions, users can also post content for their relevant department, increasing staff ownership over the platform and preventing the more distanced feel that comes with less collaborative platforms. 

Greater Understanding of Company Culture 

The ability to post company news/updates enables the client to better convey their values and guidelines to staff, creating a greater degree of alignment between the staff and the identity of the business.

Increased Usability 

The new, sleek design and easy site navigation makes the storing, retrieval, and sharing of critical documentation a faster and simpler process for staff, encouraging them to make more use of the platform within their workflows.

How Netmatters Can Help You

Here at Netmatters, we are dedicated to providing you with the bespoke services you need. Specialising in Bespoke Software, Digital Marketing, and IT support, we understand the landscape of the online world in its entirety and can help you find the solution to your problems.

Now, Sepura have the solution they needed, and you can view our other case studies to find out exactly how we’re affecting the online world.

So, whether you are keen on developing a new site to drive leads for your business, need to open lines of communication in your business, or are simply curious at how your business can be optimised – Netmatters is here to help you.

With experts across CambridgeWymondham, and Great Yarmouth always on hand for a free consultation, contact us today and find your solution.

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