5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have an App

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Already a huge global market, the mobile app industry is booming. Recent research showed there were 197 billion app downloads in 2017. This is expected to rise to 352 billion by 2021, an increase of 78% in the space of 4 years.

This upsurge comes as no surprise. More and more people are using their mobile to browse the internet. Therefore, the onus is on businesses to provide a quality mobile user experience. Having an app takes this one step further. Here are the main benefits of your business having a mobile app:

1. They Are Much More Accessible Than Websites for Users on the Go

Mobile users benefit from easy internet use when they’re on the move or in far to reach locations. An app makes brand communication in such circumstances much more accessible. If you have an app, customers do not need to rely on Wi-Fi to contact you. In fact, if your app has offline capabilities, they don’t even need an internet connection. Having an app also allows businesses to use geolocation tracking for marketing purposes. Utilise your audience’s need for convenience by letting them know you are in the area. This method of tailoring your marketing has proven to be highly effective.

2. They Simplify Customers’ Lives

Many businesses have launched apps as a way of simplifying existing processes. Mobile websites require a much more scaled-down user journey. This provides brands with new parameters to make things more efficient.

Take deliveries for example. Previously, customers would usually have to repeatedly log into a website or wait for an email notification, in order to see the progress of a delivery. Now with mobile apps and GPS tracking, customers can see the delivery journey in real-time.

We were able to build a mobile app for our client Nature’s Menu with this ‘Track and Trace’ feature. Our mobile apps can help streamline your operations and increase customer satisfaction.

3. They Allow You to Provide a Personalised User Experience

A 2016 survey ‘Future Expectations for the Mobile Experience’ listed mobile app personalisation as the most common expectation.

Now the future is today, it’s time to deliver on those expectations.

Having an app allows you to create a one-on-one experience between you and each unique customer. Examples of this include retail apps, which recommend products based on previous purchases. ‘Wishlists’ and loyalty programs are great examples of a personalised user experience. They make purchasing much easier, and incentivise users to become returning customers. Finally, they provide rich, actionable data about your customers.

4. They Put You on an Equal Level with Your Competitors

Many traditional marketing channels run the risk of saturation. Consider TV advertising. One campaign with a single branding message is designed to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Downloading an app creates a direct channel between users and brands. This is a two-way channel. Users supply brands with data, brands send users push notifications and personalised advertising.

There are many success stories of brands monetising their mobile presence. Domino’s Pizza saw a 28 percent increase in UK online sales in just the first six months after creating a mobile app. Amidst such competition, an app could really make a difference for your long-term goals.

5. They Can Act as an Extension of Your Marketing

Anything your business puts out can be used for promotional purposes, and apps are no exception. It should represent your brand in terms of visuals and functionality. This is not to suggest that your app should be a one-way marketing vehicle. Create an immersive experience and your brand will take root in the minds of your audience.

Take L’Oreal for example. In 2014 they launched their Makeup Genius app. This allowed users to test L’Oreal products on their face. This uses smartphones’ front-facing camera to take ‘try before you buy’ to a new level. This is an example of creative marketing that understands the possibilities of mobile.

Netmatters' Work in Mobile App Development

Our bespoke, user-centric apps can help you forge personal connections with your audience. So you have as expansive a reach as possible, our apps are compatible with all major networks and devices. Finally, we provide ongoing support so you can continue to meet your audience’s needs.

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