Getting Started

Step 1 - Free Initial Consultation

Before we begin working with your company, we need to establish whether we're the right company to provide ongoing support for your business. In order to ascertain our suitability, the first stage is to request a FREE consultation. When we've received your initial contact, we'll assign one of our experienced account managers to attend your site and discuss your specific requirement. On the back of this, we can discuss the best package for your business - tailored to your distinct and exclusive needs.

Step 2 - Full Audit of Existing IT Setup

Once we've agreed on the perfect package for your needs, we will then conduct a full security audit. During this audit one of our professional senior technicians will visit your premises and carry out a number of tasks, including; asset tagging, to establish the possible issues/breakpoints within your current IT setup, initialising our monitoring systems and will conclude by feeding all of these elements and information into our bespoke admin system. Such is the value and importance - of the initial audit - your dedicated senior technician will evaluate your existing structure and seek to provide actionable recommendations immediately.

Step 3 - Audit Analysis & Plan of Action

Upon completion - and analysis - of this extremely thorough audit, your account manager will then discuss our initial IT report with you, planning and assisting with the implementation of any noted recommendations.

Step 4 - Commencement of IT Support

Your IT support service will then commence, with all issues manage through our helpdesk, and in full accordance with our Service Level Agreement.