Revolutionising Cyber Security - Fairfax & Favor IT Case Study

Posted by Netmatters
28th July 2023

Revolutionising Cyber Security - Fairfax & Favor IT Case Study

The Client

Fairfax & Favor are a leading designer of luxury, rural vogue clothing and accessories for anyone with a passion for style and adventure. Over the last decade, the company has grown into a multi-award-winning brand, with pieces worn by celebrities and members of Team GB.

The Problem

With five locations across the UK, Fairfax & Favor came onboard with the aim of improving their overall cyber security posture, including infrastructure, workflows, and internal policies. As a growing business, Fairfax & Favor could see that they needed to make a focused push to improve their security and upgrade their IT setup to cope with their considerable growth. Their plan was to find the right partner to take them through this process.

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The Solution

Our solution was to document Fairfax & Favor’s network, understand how they work as a business, and then work with them on a series of projects to bring their network up to par with their plans.

First of all, we wanted to replace all of their outdated and unsupported hardware. This involved upgrading laptops, monitors and other redundant tech to modern, high-performance equipment. We implemented centrally managed antivirus and firewall solutions for the new laptops to significantly reduce the risk of cyber breaches. Part of our strategy was to make use of the Microsoft stack to make their network more secure, more efficient and easier to scale with their growth.

The first step was to move Fairfax & Favor's email system to Microsoft Office 365. This merged iCloud mailboxes and calendars into one platform, avoiding the hassle of switching between multiple platforms. With Office 365 as the email platform, we now have the scope to leverage SharePoint for better document sharing and collaboration. 

Finally, we implemented Microsoft Intune and created thorough security policies to efficiently manage local devices. With Intune, we can centrally establish and enforce policies. This streamlined method greatly speeds up the onboarding of new employees, ensuring they quickly meet the organisation's standards, which was a top priority for the growing company.

Revolutionising Cyber Security - Fairfax & Favor IT Case Study

The Result

Every day in the UK, there are roughly 4,000 successful cyber security attacks on SMEs, with each attack potentially compromising confidential data and resulting in both financial and reputational damage for the business in question. This shows the importance of having a comprehensive, effective cyber security in place to minimize the risks of these attacks and ensure that businesses can prove that they did everything they could if the worst was to happen. Our work for Fairfax & Favor over the past two years has done just that. 

By overhauling their hardware and data system, we have ensured that everyone in the business is working on a managed network, meaning that the business can feel comfortable continuing to grow with their IT growing with them. Similarly, by centralising the client’s email communications, we have ensured that everyone is operating off of the same secure system, with the guarantee that anyone sending out emails is doing so through the most secure channel possible, thus minimising the risk of vulnerabilities.

Finally, with a managed approach to their security, we have been able to demonstrably improve Fairfax & Favor’s IT security, processes, and allow them to scale up their network alongside the huge growth they have seen over the last 3 years. 

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