Princess Royal Training Awards 2020

Posted by Netmatters

Princess Royal Training Award Netmatters

We are thrilled to announce today that we are the proud recipients of a Princess Royal Training Award for our Scion Coaltion Training Scheme!

The awards, now in their fifth year, recognise organisations with outstanding training and development programmes that have a direct and measurable impact on business. We are one of only 43 organisations to have been recognised this year, and are the very first from Norfolk.

"Training and development has always been right at the heart of what we are about here at Netmatters, and to be recognised for this by the Princess Royal Awards is just fantastic. So much hard work and energy goes into the Scion Scheme and this award is well-deserved by the team!

We've always known we're onto something special and it's great to be recognised for this." - James Gulliver, Managing Director

We began our Scion Scheme in 2017 in order to fulfil a gap in the technical skills available in the job market here in Norfolk. We identified that there are plenty of capable, knowledgeable individuals around, but that making the transition into the world of tech was difficult. The scheme not only provides intensive technical training, but supplements it with support in actually securing a role – providing the softer skills that are needed to really sell yourself to a potential employer.

The Princess Royal Training Awards this year are special, as they celebrate the 70th Birthday of Princess Anne, the Princess Royal. We are so proud to have been named in this list of organisations, and the scheme that we have spent so much time designing and honing to be recognised for it’s merits.

A lot of time, energy and hard work goes into our training scheme and it is wonderful to celebrate that hard work paying off with this award.

You can see the full list of recipients here

If you would like to be part of this amazing scheme, we are currently taking applicants from all across Norfolk and Suffolk, and we have been able to secure some funding which allows us to offer a number of free places. If you are passionate about technology and looking to start a career in development this is a fantastic opportunity.

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