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4th April 2018

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The Client

Northern Diver are a market leader in the manufacturing and sales of drysuits and diving equipment. They are known for developing innovative products, based on diver’s needs and the latest technology.

The Idea

Northern Diver wanted to convert traffic into sales with a simplified user journey. With four separate websites, this was a unique challenge. Each website had a separate e-commerce tool, with stock availability being updated manually. Products were being displayed as in stock when they weren’t. Each Northern Diver website was updated separately. It was clear this could be much more efficient. Finally, delivery prices needed to be more accurate. They were calculated on a flat rate based on the specific dimensions of the product. Northern Diver wanted to ensure that all customers received cost-effective deliveries.

The Result

We created a CMS that integrated all four websites. A Sage plugin meant all updates are centralised, making them not only more accurate but faster. If a product is out of stock, all websites will be automatically updated in real-time.

We connected all the new websites to UPS, so they can book deliveries and generate postage labels. Prices were now based on how many products can fit in a box. Prices were by cubic volume, so each customer got the best price per box.

For online retailers, a smooth transition is vital for existing customers. When we switched over the main Northern Diver website we also imported accounts and data, so no valuable order information would be lost. We created a fantastic new user journey across all four of Northern Diver’s websites. Users could now save items to a wish list and share across social networks. Six months after the new site was launched, Northern Diver’s eCommerce Conversion Rate skyrocketed by nearly 800%.

Our Bespoke eCommerce Development Services

All of our eCommerce solutions are bespoke to a brand’s identity and the needs of their users. We are well-versed in generating brand awareness, driving traffic and boosting revenue. We also provide regular reviews and ongoing support, maintaining a competitive online presence for any brand.

If you’re interested in an expert eCommerce solution to satisfy customers and increase sales, contact us via the form below or ring us on 01603 515007 today. We’d be more than happy to discuss your ideas and requirements.

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