Your Business Needs Website Development: Here’s Why.

Posted by Netmatters
16th April 2024

Is your website outdated and clunky? Does it take your customers an age to reach the checkout? Are your users complaining of poor load speeds, responsiveness issues or inaccessibility? Are you unable to convert customers on the site to actual leads but unsure why? 

If your answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, it might be time to rebrand, refresh or update your existing site so that it properly reflects your business in the wider market and is more user-friendly. 

With an excellent web development partner, you can cut out the hassle of redesigning and maintaining your site in-house and focus instead on helping your customers find what they're looking for.  

What is website development? 

Having a great website ensures your online customers have a good user experience and that you’re achieving your goals in the digital world. You might be interested in web design or branding, content creation for new pages on your site, or developing additional functionality so that your customers have access to the latest checkout feature or review widget, for example.  

Whatever your goal, your website development partner should be able to assist you in bringing your website into the 21st century so that your customers can make better, more informed decisions.  

However, it isn’t just about large changes and site overhauls; your website development partner should also provide general maintenance and look after your website’s CMS – content management system - for you. Often,investing in a maintenance retainer is extremely cost-effective, ensuring that any issues that arise are quickly dealt with and don’t negatively impact your customers. They'll also keep things running at their best day-to-day.  

(Statista, 2022) 

Why is it important for your business? 

In a world where technology is so integral to our lives and many of us have a device within easy reach most of the time, it’s more important than ever to make sure your website serves the needs of your business and ultimately serves the needs of your customers. Therefore, your website needs to constantly adapt to keep up with the wider market and stand out from the crowd.  

If your website is extremely slow or unresponsive, you'll have a higher exit rate on the site and risk more abandoned carts if you’re an e-commerce business. Moreover, the design and feel of your site has a very real impact on how much your customers trust you and how much they’ll be persuaded to use your services.  

If your images are blurry, your carousels don’t scroll, or your navigation menu is tricky to follow, your customers will get frustrated and go to your competitors for a better experience. You’re also more at risk of poor customer reviews, complaints, and a low-quality reputation if you’re not meeting your target audience’s needs.  

Good website development aims to give your users a great experience, ensuring they make it to the checkout with minimal complaint and only positive reviews. 

How will it benefit my business? 

Web development isn’t just about creating a brilliant website, it’s also about: 

  • Generating leads and conversions from high-quality enquiry forms 
  • Having a modern, intuitive CMS that fits your needs 
  • Being able to scale up your website as your traffic grows 
  • Preventing bugs, managing hosting, speed audits, and plugin updates 
  • Providing recommendations for refreshing functionality 
  • Having the best level of online security for your business 
  • Improving on-page search engine optimisation
  • Making your site visible and rank highly in Google 
  • Thinking mobile-first to meet your target audience 
  • Making your site easy-to-use, quick, and accessible to all 
  • Communicating your brand and your values visually and consistently 

How do I choose the right web development partner for me? 

Choosing the right web development partner can feel tricky – whether you’re looking for a bespoke web design agency in Norwich, web hosting, a rebrand for your ecommerce website to drive sales or some help with making your site more responsive and accessible – we can help!  

It all comes down to choosing a web development partner who is: 

  • Communicative 
  • Transparent 
  • Proactive 
  • Vigilant 

With the digital landscape changing so frequently, it’s important your web development partner is on the same page as you. 

Our expert team offer a free consultation to help you decide which is the best course of action for you. With offices in Wymondham, Great Yarmouth and Cambridge, why not contact us now for more information and start your web development journey? 

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