Creating the Perfect Working Day Through Automation

Posted by Netmatters
17th June 2024

You might spend a great deal of your day looking through your to-do list, trying to rank everything by priority and make sure everything gets done by the correct deadline. Plus, you might be managing this for multiple team members at the same time. And somehow, there still manages to be that one important task that slips your mind.  

Moreover, having your team members scrambling around for information and trying to organise their day themselves can increase stress and lead to a higher churn. That’s where having a good workflow solution comes into play for reducing the amount of overwhelm in the working day and allowing staff and yourself to have the perfect working day, with nothing missed or overdue. 

What is a workflow system? 

Implementing a workflow system into your working day involves using dedicated software to complete some of your tasks automatically and without your input. This reduces the need for manual, highly repetitive tasks meaning a higher rate of productivity amongst workers, who will be focusing only on tasks that have the greatest impact on your business. They’re also a great way to identify any areas for improvement in your business and the working day, meaning you can make gradual changes and continue to monitor performance afterwards.  

How does a workflow system improve efficiency?

Workflow systems have numerous benefits for your staff. If you’re struggling to keep work organised and meet deadlines effectively, having a workflow system in place can help you automatically assign work at the correct time and priority so that work is completed quickly and by the most suitable team member.  

Moreover, you’ll have full visibility over what work is being done, with the easy-to-view dashboard that most workflow software applications include. This makes the working day much more collaborative as well, with the ability for your staff to see clearly what they are working on and what they are working towards as one unified team.  

With automatic assignment, there’s a much more reduced chance of errors or work being missed accidentally so you can have peace of mind – you're not expected to be in a hundred places at once managing everything – and neither are your staff. 

Will a workflow system lead to better staff retention? 

Investing in workflow automation software is just one of the things that can make your team’s day better. By allowing your team to focus on only the most urgent, important tasks, your team can give their full attention to the task at hand and deliver the best result every time. They’re also far more likely to feel in control of their working day with the knowledge that everything will be completed as and when it should be. This leads to a higher endorphin hit when tasks are completed because progress is real and tangible. And if progress is tangible, your staff are more likely to commit to helping build your business with you – it's a win-win situation! Discover how we helped One Traveller work off a task-based system here. 

Where can I find good workflow management software? 

Our team of bespoke software experts can recommend and help you implement great workflow management software into your business. Good workflow management software will: 

  • Help you manage projects 
  • Make data from prospects easier to manage 
  • Improve customer service 
  • Keeps financial processes clear 
  • Reduces HR administration 

Using a combination of these with your business software reduces the risk of error, streamlines processes, improves productivity and communication for your team and provides the ability for greater collaboration. Read how 1st Choice Insulations were positively impacted by implementing a bespoke job management system here. 

How have Netmatters created the perfect working day? 

At Netmatters, we use workflow management software for our team members to ensure that our processes run smoothly and that the job gets done for the client at a consistently high standard.  

Through our bespoke admin system, we can automatically assign work at the correct priority and with the right deadline so it gets completed. 

Our task lists order everything by priority meaning that staff can focus on only the top task in their to do list and be safe in the knowledge that this is all they need to concentrate on. This reduces stress and allows for a feeling of complete control in the working day across the team structure. 

Our workflow management system affects the entire business, allowing us to collaborate, send emails and quotes straight from the system, share news and be strategic in our direction at all times, ultimately boosting output and profitability

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Contact our team of bespoke software experts, who will give you a free consultation and advice on how to implement workflow management software into your business. Get in touch with our team based across Wymondham, Great Yarmouth and Cambridge today. 

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