What is business software and how can it help your business?

Posted by Netmatters
21st February 2024

What is business software and how can it help your business? 

If the thought of a CRM system or intranet development makes your head spin, you’re in the right place. When it comes to business software, the acronyms and options available can be confusing but it’s quite simple really. Business software can help make your internal processes more efficient and save you time in the long run. In this article, we’ll explore how business software can help you. 

Firstly...what is business software? 

Business software is a broad term and encompasses numerous different systems that provide a range of functions that will help your organisation to achieve specific goals. 

Examples of business software can include customer relationship management systems for storing detailed profiles about your customers, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to help you manage your business, billing or payroll software, and even customer portals to help your clients access key account information and receive updates on projects.  

Why is it useful for my business? 

If all of this sounds vague, don’t worry - the core purpose of any business software system is simple. Each of these systems help you make a few key tweaks to your existing processes so your business can be more efficient, and subsequently, more profitable

Let’s take a moment to think about your HR department. What if instead of having to rely on a few individuals to manually manage holidays, data input, and new starter or leaver processes, you had a business management system that could automate this for you? 

For example, Black Swan Care Group were able to migrate their internal management system, build a new staff portal and develop functionality to manage compliance with a bespoke system built by Netmatters. 

It doesn’t stop there though. Perhaps you need an intranet system to help you manage employees working from home. Or maybe you are looking to integrate your financial systems such as Sage, QuickBooks or Xero with a wider business management solution to give you greater transparency over performance. 

You might even be looking for something as simple as the ability to consolidate all your core business information in one easy-to-use platform such as Microsoft Business Central

In a nutshell, the uses of bespoke business software are endless. Once you understand where the pain points and inefficiencies are for your business, it's easy to find the right solution to solve those problems. 

Is it easy to implement business software? 

Yes! When you book a consultation with one of our experts, we’ll explore the problems you’re facing, and provide you with appropriate, workable solutions, just like we’ve done for many of our clients before

Why should I choose bespoke software? 

A core consideration with any software project is whether to go with an off-the-shelf product or bespoke solution

While off-the-shelf software can be quick and convenient, a bespoke solution that is built specifically for your business provides a much more tailored, scalable outcome that can specifically address the problems you are trying to solve. You don’t want to be stuck in a contract with an out of the box product that doesn't quite fit your needs, and costs as you grow! 

Interested? We can connect you with one of our expert business software consultants when you fill out a contact form or call 01603 70 40 20 today. 

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