What is business software and how can it help your business?

Posted by Netmatters
21st February 2024

What is business software? 

Business software, also known as bespoke or custom software, is built specifically to meet your business' needs. It is fully adaptable, scalable, and flexible to your requirements both now and in the future. Unlike pre-packaged software (software solutions that are made for the mass market), this type of software is tailored to what you need it for – meaning whatever your goal, there is a feature that custom software can provide that will meet your business. 

For example, if you wish to cut the admin for your HR department, you might investigate custom software as a way of automating holiday bookings, enrolling new employees or payroll.  

Or, if you want to better engage with your customers, identify trends in performance or forecast sales, you might want to look into a bespoke CRM or ERP system.  

Bespoke software is shaped by your needs and can be integrated into your existing systems. Cut costs, save time and improve the performance of your business with bespoke software development

Why is it important for my business? 

1. Become more profitable.

Choosing to develop your own bespoke software instead of using a generic, one-size-fits-all software solution brings one benefit above everything else. Working with developers, you will be able to select exactly which features you would like to include, meaning you can choose features that will impact your profitability the most.  

For example, you might be looking for a software system that will provide you with an overview of your sales performance, which you can dig deeper into over time to forecast for the future. Plus, by integrating this with your financial software system (Sage, QuickBooks or Xero, for instance), you then might look to leverage the sales analytics that will help you in your decision-making. 

Or you might wish to integrate your existing system with a customer relationship management system and segment your data into customer lists that will enhance your marketing output. Whereas with an off-the-shelf solution, you would be much more constricted, decreasing the value of your investment, bespoke software gives you a much longer-lasting, higher return on interest which can make you more profitable in the long run. 

 2. Boost productivity.

Your business needs to run like clockwork. Off-the-shelf software solutions can often become shoehorned in, with business owners feeling like they must continue using something that doesn’t fit their business and feeling let down by a poor investment.  

With bespoke software, you can adapt your software solution to your business rather than adapting your business. By taking advantage of this prospect, you can choose features that will make your employees' lives far easier, meaning less churn and you’re able to run your business smoother and more efficiently.  

For example, business automation software can help you automate the areas of your business that cause the most bottlenecks or cause the most friction in your business processes. Improve your company’s workflow through adopting an intranet solution or empower collaboration through SharePoint.  

These solutions are far better when designed bespoke for your business – allowing you to identify your specific pain points and how you can solve these problems straight away, without having to fit your business into the wrong software solutions. This can improve the end-to-end experience for both your employees and the customers of your business.

3. Improve your performance.

We’ve developed bespoke software solutions for hundreds of clients and directly seen the fantastic impact this can have on their performance. Not only can bespoke software clean up your internal processes, provide you with valuable data and be developed as much as you like, it can also improve efficiency, freeing you up to identify great leads and opportunities for your business.  

Plus, making use of data-driven insights can enhance your decision-making, allowing you to notice key seasonal periods and patterns that can impact your performance. Whether you are looking for a central reporting hub, business management software or a customer portal to improve communication, there is a software solution to suit every business. 

Is it easy to implement bespoke software?

Yes! When you book a consultation with one of our experts, we’ll explore the problems you’re facing, and provide you with appropriate, workable solutions, just like we’ve done for many of our clients before.   

If you’re ready for your free consultation, contact us by filling out the form below or calling 01603704020. We have offices in Norfolk & Cambridge, with 40+ dedicated developers who are committed to designing your ideal bespoke software solution. 

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