VPH Roofing

VPH Roofing Scaffolding

The Client

VPH Roofing and Scaffolding began in the mid-1980s, becoming a limited company in 1999. They offer tiling, scaffolding and repairs, and many other services. With decades of experience, VPH pride themselves on a swift, professional turn around.

The Idea

VPH required a system that accommodated their growth year after year. As their business expanded, important information needed to be streamlined and standardised. Previously service quotes were created via email, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. ‘Job sheets’ were hand-written the day before going onsite. This led to complications if the nature of work being carried out were ever to change.

Finally, invoices were created on paper. The amount of physical locations where these hard copies were stored made accessing information retrospectively incredibly difficult. All this information needed to be in a consistent format, and distributed evenly.

The Solution

As VPH chose a bespoke software solution, we were able to integrate it into any programs they used. VPH made use of QuickBooks, an accounting software package aimed at SMEs. A common format for quotes, jobs and invoices meant a quote could be generated by anyone. 

These quotes would then turn into job sheets. All the relevant information needed to carry out work was filled out automatically. This made job information much more readily available. However, this information could also be changed based on new circumstances.

Finally, invoices would be added automatically in to Quickbooks with customers being sent a PDF copy. This created a centralised cycle of quotes, job sheets and invoices. VPH could now attribute funds directly to specific invoices. This meant they had a much clearer grasp on how certain services were generating revenue. It also made quality control easier and more effective.

Our Bespoke Software Development Services

There are many benefits to bespoke software. Solutions are tailored to a business’s specific requirements, eliminating any unnecessary features. Every aspect of a bespoke software solution meets an identified need.

The software created for VPH was written in PHP, an open source scripting language. This means that our client retains ownership and Intellectual Property of the software. This makes it scalable and tailorable. A bespoke solution means software grows with the business. It never becomes restrictive or outdated. Open source software also eliminates any licensing costs, making for a great return on investment.

If you want software designed for your specific needs, and managed to ensure continued efficiency, contact us via the form below or ring us on 01603 515007 today. You can meet one of our experts for an informal discussion of your requirements.

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