April Notables 2024 - Celebrating Our Team

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3rd May 2024

April Notables 2024

Celebrating the achievements and dedication of our staff, at Netmatters, we put aside some time each month to highlight the accomplishments of our teams and the attentive hard work of the individuals that choose to go the extra mile.  

As a company dedicated to cultivating a culture of progress and accomplishment, we find joy in exploring the exceptional achievements of our teams. We give special recognition to individuals who embody our T.R.U.E values and show unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch service to our clients.  

Introducing our most Notable of Notables this month...Faizel Desai! 

Faizel has been constantly delivering fantastic work and being a true role model to us all – well done Faizel! 

A Special Congratulations to Faizel 

“Faizel has delivered a consistently excellent work product this year. Is taking responsibility for his department and demonstrating a good understanding of the business needs and priorities. Fantastic work! Keep it up.” – Elliott Peacock 
“Faizel Desai – doing a great job of late pushing the Scion program along and owning the role.”  – James Gulliver  

Introducing Our April Notables 

Haydn Leeds – Haydn did a great job of gripping a client following a NPF. He spent a week turning the client’s PPC around to the point where the client is happy and in a really good place. Good work! – Jim Palmer 

Emily Caseley – Emily has done a great job this month taking more of a lead on the Netmatters marketing account. We moved Emily into this role after having issues getting work completed for this customer. Emily has gripped the account and the customer (Tessa) has been incredibly happy with the work completed this month. Great work Emily, keep it up! – Jim Palmer 

Jamie Slater - Jamie has been consistently improving the effectiveness of his team and is always willing to take on feedback or help out on any issue with a smile. Always a pleasure to work with. – Matt Hurst 

Tomas Leigh - Doing well in his Tech Lead role and only ever hear positive things around the level of service he provides. – Robert George 

Sean Bosley - Has taken onboard feedback around his workflow and implemented this with positivity which in turn has helped his overall working experience. – Robert George 

Lucy Hathaway - Demonstrates they are a keen advocate of following process and every task sent their way, you have confidence that it will be gripped and actioned appropriately. – Robert George 

Will Thompson - Approaches everything in a positive manner which is infectious and always brings an enthusiasm to the role. – Robert George 

Sophie Maxam - Stepping up implementing process improvements within the Service Delivery team, reviewing things from a pragmatic point of view. – Robert George 

Simon Jones – doing a fantastic job of building relationships with customers and securing long term commitments in the form of contracts. Simon always has a positive can do attitude that is making the development of the Account Management layer a success.  - James Gulliver 

Emily Caseley – Emily has really stepped up when looking after the Netmatters digital marketing. She has taken to creating content for us like a natural and has struck the perfect balance between informative and approachable. She is also starting to come forward with ideas of her own which is proving really valuable and has given the rest of the team more ideas for improvements in the coming weeks. Her confidence is growing and she’s proving a real asset to the team. Thanks Emily – Tessa Dempsey 

Ashley Ward – Ash is always working hard to improve upon his varied skillset, and one I have noticed is his ability to write a really incredible PDP! He has taken on board every single piece of feedback provided and is able to produce a solid guide for team members to follow for their progression – Bethany Shakespeare 

Tomas Leigh – Tomas is always willing to go above and beyond for his customers and is happy to assist whenever needed, keep up the great work. – Alex Jones 

Jamie Slater - Jamie has been great at proactively supporting Tex through their Cyber Essentials renewal, taking ownership of the project and working with the team to make sure it is a success – Jake Rackham  

Gary Cullen - Gary has been a great teammate and shown how flexible and accommodating he can be when he was able to attend an important customer meeting on my behalf. As expected, he did an excellent job! It was really appreciated and put me at ease to know that he was able to take the reins for me and have everything in safe hands – Samantha Lupton 

Luke Youngman - He's really nailed his new Tech Lead role, on multiple accounts, consistently offering top-notch recommendations and being a joy to collaborate with. Plus, he's been a big help by providing WordPress training to the digital team and pitching in on all sorts of digital tasks, much to everyone's appreciation – Dannielle Peeke-Vout 

Emily Mackley – Really going the extra mile to help other members of the PM team with their busy workload, offering support and guidance – Rebecca Brine 

Sean Spallen – Continued huge effort and great work from Sean on the Jarvis Stock take deadline, he’s having a lot thrown his way from the client and he is always dealing with it quickly and positively. He has also had praise directly from the client! – Rebecca Brine 

Jonathan Haylock - working very hard recently to get ahead of problems before they occur, tackling tricky issues with tricky customers (internal and external), and has been generally making the lives of all who work with him easier with his efforts! – Simon Wright 

Kai Paterson-Hall – a great addition to the team, very quickly finding his feet with team projects and getting stuck in to help project work move along. – Simon Wright 

Sean Spallen - Excellent work on meeting deadline, and great feedback from clients on project work overall– Simon Wright 

Michael Grimshaw – Juggling a vast workload, supporting, and progressing project work within his team with tight turnaround times and complex tech. – Simon Wright 

Luke Keable – Has really settled into the IT Tech role well and, by being the Tech Lead for Matrixx, has had to pick up additional responsibilities in relation to the import/export of laptops to their staff around the world – James Street 

Rosario Furia – Is always positive and a pleasure to speak to when seen around the office. Has settled into life at Netmatters well – James Street 

Well Done to All Our Notables!

Truly inspirational work from our notables this month – keep up the good work. 

If you want to become a future notable, why not join our team today? Notables are just one of the benefits available when you work with us. We’re always looking for more motivated, passionate people to join our team. Contact us on 01603 704020 or fill out the form below. 

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