SSL security certificate used to secure sections of a website for password protected information or payment processing.

Cloud Exchange 2010
25GB Exchange Mailboxes, synchronise email across multiple devices.

Test hosting
A separate hosting account used for testing updates before being applied to the live website.

Dedicated IP Address
Enable a dedicated IP address for your website a requirement for SSL installation, and can also be used to protect your email domain from Blacklisting.

Version control
Secondary web depositary used to store and control versions of files, enabling rollback off changes.

Ping Monitoring
Proactive code running on your website which notifies Netmatters of any issues.

Monthly Security Check
Over time weaknesses in coding standards and framework develop which can be exploited by hackers and spammers – Each month Netmatters performs checks at to ensure your website is secure. This service is typically used by public sector organisation such as Councils or large Ecommerce websites which may attract the attention of hackers.