Most organizations have one goal – to grow, but this can be restricted by processes or admin tasks that slow everything down. This is where businesses can benefit from implementing different levels of automation into their day to day operations to save time and free up vital resources.

This is where technology is used to improve service delivery, contain costs, reduce the reliance on labour and achieve more consistent results.

Automation has transformed our business and now we want to help YOUR BUSINESS do the same, at our FREE AUTOMATION SEMINAR.

Increased Efficiency

The joining of systems and centralising data means, you eliminate the need for duplication of information, and the opportunity for errors to be introduced.

Scalable Growth

If your system contains a clear workflow and process it removes the reliance on management time and allows for infinite scalability.

Error Reduction

A system that automatically looks for errors or necessary changes, and fixes them means that the need for user input is reduced greatly.

We are offering a free seminar for new and existing customers that are interested in streamlining their operations to be able to grow their organization.

Once a month, our 90-minute seminar covers key points on automation, the benefits of bespoke software, the different levels your business could currently be operating at and how best to implement automation in your business. We also help you understand what you need to look for in a technology partner and provide you with some examples of effective, first-hand optimisation.

Our seminars are a small and personable interactive experience, providing a comfortable environment for you to expand your knowledge on bespoke automation software which includes a detailed question and answers section.

Virtual Business Automation Seminar held over 3CX with Netmatters

Free To Attend

There is no cost incurred to you or your business to attend our seminar. It is free to any business that would like a representative to attend.


We keep each seminar small with the number of attendees meaning your experience will be personable, allowing you to ask any questions.


We have firsthand experience of using automation in our business, allowing us to be able to inform you with experience based insights.

business automation across mutliple devices

We run one seminar a month which means there are plenty of opportunities to attend and we welcome businesses of all sizes and industries.

Regardless of your requirements, we have the software solution that is perfectly suited to your business.

Sound like something you'd like to get invovled in?

If you would like to sign up to one of our Automation Seminars, we encourage you to get in touch with us using the contact form to the right so that we can get you on the right list!

Previous Attendee -

"I have recommended to our SMT to attend when able. I hope to help them to better appreciate the benefits of adopting automation, standardisation and technology in general. Attending a future seminar will help with how to articulate this to the rest of the business, and how to initiate adoption of new methods."

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