3CX integration: 5 fantastic ways to increase your team’s efficiency.

Posted by Netmatters
31st January 2024

Communication software can impact more than your meetings and calls – it can improve your entire working day. 

We can all list hiccups and problems that interrupt our workflow and cause unnecessary frustration in the office. Whatever your company’s services or operations, some needs are universal: centralised organisation, streamlined processes, clear communication (with the client and each other!), and technology that works the way we need it to, when we need it.  

In a post-Covid world, more of us are working from home and more teams collaborate from different offices: this makes all of the above even more important, saving companies time, preventing mistakes, and avoiding headaches. 

3CX offers answers to these needs. According to its CEO, Nick Galea, 3CX’s three ‘C’s stand for ‘Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate’. But what exactly is it, and how can it integrate with other software to make your day smoother? Don’t miss out:  learn more about what this brilliant tool can do for your business, and the top 5 3CX software integrations for upping team efficiency. 

What is 3CX?

This leading communications software is a full-featured PABX (telephone) system that makes calls using a VoiP system. It supports call queues, built-in web conferencing, live chat (both internal and external) and social media messaging, offering businesses a simple, flexible, and affordable solution to help streamline their communications through one interface. In short, it allows your team to stay connected whilst working anywhere and keeps your communication in one hub. 

However, it doesn’t stop there. 3CX’s ability to integrate and work with other key pieces of software expands its potential far further. This is where the real brilliance happens: it includes the ability to work with your website’s CMS (Content Management System), your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, or even Office 365. Through these and more, 3CX can interact with the core of all your digital systems, keeping the communication side of your workflow simple and efficient.

On top of this, 3CX can even transform your raw data into custom frameworks for precise and analysable data. As well as integrating with existing software, you can link this raw data up with a bespoke system, using that information in whatever way you need for your operations. The sky really is the limit. 

As a 3CX Platinum Partner, Netmatters can provide you with the best and most up to date 3CX installations and support services, can hook you up to the best software integrations, and can even work with you to design the bespoke system that your business needs. But first, what existing software integrations are possible? Let’s take a look at the Top 5:

The Top 5 3CX Software Integrations

5. Hubspot

Hubspot is a popular CRM that combines tools for marketing, sales, content management, operations, and customer service. It provides support for lead generation, sales automation and help desk functions. Integrating this system with 3CX unlocks even more features, including: 

  • Caller ID to Contact Name – Inbound calls trigger a Hubspot contact lookup, providing your team with the customer and account information related to the call.
  • Contact Lookup in Hubspot based on name, number or email if you search in the 3CX web client.
  • Call & Chat Journalling – Calls and chats are logged in the Hubspot Contact Card as CRM call records, meaning no conversation gets lost.
  • Create a new Hubspot contact from the 3CX client for calls from new numbers.
  • Click to Call – Launch calls straight from Hubspot via 3CX using the 3CX Click2Call Browser extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

4. Microsoft Teams 

If your company doesn’t have 3CX yet, then there is a high chance you can been running your video meetings from Teams. Upgrading to the benefits of 3CX doesn’t have to mean leaving your existing Microsoft Teams behind: in fact, the two can work together seamlessly. Integrating 3CX and Microsoft teams enables features including: 

  • Save on Teams calling plans: Dial externally via 3CX SIP trunks and choose your own cost-effective SIP provider in your region. This also allows you to cut down on expensive MS365 E5 license plans. 
  • Easily configure your call queues and routing. Save on admin time with an easier-to-manage system.
  • View call reporting to evaluate the efficiency of your team and gather learning points.
  • Dial from anywhere with 3CX’s free apps for iOS and Android. 

3. SQL Databases 

Structured Query Language (SQL) Databases provide highly efficient ways to store mass amounts of data in tables, allowing this data to be used by a vast number of other programs and applications. These SQL databases are relied on across many industries, allowing data to be used for transaction processing, analytics, operational logistics and more. Already geared towards working with other software, SQL gains the following abilities when combined with 3CX:

  • Caller ID to Contact Name – Inbound calls trigger a SQL database contact lookup, providing your team with all relevant stored data related to the client.
  • Contact Lookup in SQL database based on Name, Number or Email if you search for a name in the 3CX web client.
  • Call & Chat Journalling – Calls and chats are logged in the SQL database, which can then supplement your other SQL data.
  • Create a new SQL database contact from the 3CX client for calls from new numbers.
  • Click to Call – Launch calls straight from your web system via 3CX, using the 3CX Click2Call Browser extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

2. Microsoft 365 

In stepping away from the CRMs, we see a new slate of advantages when connecting 3CX with Microsoft 365. Love it or loathe it, most offices use Microsoft 365, and integrating these systems together is a game changer that can get you more value out of both. Integrating these systems will unlock the following functionalities and features:

  • Sync user accounts from Microsoft 365.
  • Compatible log-in: Allow your team to use their Microsoft Account to log in to the 3CX Web Client.
  • Sync personal contacts: Enable your teams to sync their contacts with the 3CX personal phonebook (one way). This is fantastic for keeping individually sourced sales leads and pipelines stored in a backed-up and centralised place.
  • Sync Shared mailbox contacts with the 3CX Company directory (one way).
  • Intuitive 3CX status: Automatically set your team’s 3CX Profile status based on their Microsoft Calendar. For example, if someone is in a meeting, their 3CX status will automatically set itself to Busy, preventing the distraction of incoming calls whilst they are with a client.
  • Launch 3CX calls from Microsoft 3CX to keep workflow uninterrupted.
  • Note: this integration requires Microsoft 365 Accounts with an Exchange subscription plan.

1. Bespoke Software

If you want something done right, do it yourself. No one knows your company better than you, and no off-the-shelf operations system can answer your needs as perfectly as one designed to purpose. With bespoke software, you can turn 3CX’s raw user and customer data into whatever format or use you need. Area code analysis, heat maps, campaign data – the options go on. In addition, a bespoke CRM or full bespoke operations system, you can integrate not only 3CX’s features and functionalities but all customer management and company operations through an intelligent system that keeps your workflow smooth and intuitive. Netmatters are leaders in bespoke software development, and as 3CX Platinum Partners, we can integrate this system effectively into whatever CRM or OS we create with you. Explore our bespoke software options and get in touch today. 


How Can I Move My Business to 3CX 

No matter the size of your company, the right 3CX system can take your business communications to the next level, improving collaboration, boosting productivity and enhancing your customers’ overall experience.  If you are a business looking for a cost-effective, one-stop solution to managing your communication, then 3CX is for you. At Netmatters, we can set up your 3CX for you, provide you up-to-date support services, and can carry out any and all software integrations you need. Unlock efficiency and ease with these software integrations and discover just how much 3CX can transform your workflow – get in touch with our expert Telecoms team today to get started.