Scaling a Bespoke Prospecting System - Hugh J Boswell - Case Study

Scaling a Bespoke CRM Solution - Hugh J Boswell - Case Study

In this case study, we showcase how we were able to scale an existing bespoke software solution that we developed for insurance specialists Hugh J Boswell across 13 other partners in their group, providing significant efficiency and service gains throughout Ethos Broking Group whilst also providing more opportunities for efficient, accurate top-level data reporting.

The Client

Hugh J Boswell has been a leading provider of commercial and personal insurance in Norfolk since 1906. Throughout this time, they have established a strong reputation for trust, innovation, and professionalism by always putting the needs of the customer first in order to create a ‘stimulating, exciting and stable environment for all stakeholders connected with the business’.

In 2019, Ethos Broking Group acquired Hugh J Boswell to be one of their core broking partners in the region, with the purpose of combining their experience and expertise with that of their existing broking partners to enhance services and provide greater value to clients.

The Requirements 

Previously, we had built a bespoke business management software system for Hugh J Boswell. This allows them to track prospects, log activities, store information, and report on performance data, all from one centralised location.

This system has significantly increased the efficiency of Hugh J Boswell’s lead generation and new business efforts by minimising staff’s time spent looking for information, providing a clear diary system, and producing management information that enables reflection and helps set the direction of change. 

Due to the success of the original system, Netmatters were brought in to roll out this same software across their 13 other partners to ensure that all those in the Ethos Broking Group worked off of an aligned system.

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Scaling a Bespoke CRM Solution - Hugh J Boswell - Case Study

Solution and Result

Firstly, our development team expanded the original bespoke software system to allow access to the 13 different partners through individual sub-domains for each business. As they all use the same codebase, any changes or updates will roll out across all of the systems automatically.

The system offers all of the same tracking and reporting functionality, with our developers storing each company’s data separately within the database to maintain independence between partners.

Thus, all Ethos broking partners can benefit from the same gains in efficiency and service quality as Hugh J Boswell. 

This unified system also now creates a launchpad for further and more accurate performance reporting at a top level. For example, we have also now started building additional functionality that will allow Ethos to view data reports aggregated across all of their partners. Accessing and collating this data efficiently would not previously have been possible if each partner is working off of a different system. Thus, instead of managers having to spend time collecting data, they can spend more time actually analysing and improving performance to generate business growth.

How We Can Help You?

If you are looking to improve your business operations through a bespoke software system, or looking to scale your existing system, Netmatters are here to help. With over 40 experienced developers that are proficient in most coding languages, we have a track record of delivering effective bespoke software solutions to drive business efficiency. Take a look at our projects for 1st Choice Insulations and Warren Services for more examples.

Get in contact with one of our specialists in Norwich, Cambridge, or Great Yarmouth to book your free software consultation where you can discuss your requirements in further detail.

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