Modernising Business Communications With a Telecoms Solution - Wildheart Residential Management Case Study

Wildheart Residential Management - Telecoms Case Study

The Client

Wildheart Residential Management are industry leaders in residential property management and investment, offering three key services: block & estate management, retail & property management, and acquisition, sales & investment. Founded in 2008 by Simon and Tina Halls, they now manage over 3,000 residential units across four regional offices, employing 40+ staff.

The Problem

Due to the client having multiple locations across the UK, communication with their own clients, as well as internal operations, has always been critical in delivering exceptional service within the industry.

However, when Wildheart came to Netmatters, their existing phone system did not incorporate all the features typical of a modern phone solution, and they recognised the need for improved communication methods in order to further build on their positive service experience. 

They also expressed a need to review their existing broadband connectivity solution to ensure that they were receiving the best available reliability and bandwidth across all of their sites.

Therefore, Netmatters were tasked with reviewing and finding effective solutions for both Wildheart’s phone systems and broadband connectivity, to ensure they have the best and most competitive telecommunications - supporting their service offering and facilitating further growth.

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Wildheart Residential Management - Telecoms Case Study

The Solution

Netmatters proposed two bespoke solutions to help modernise the business and keep Wildheart ahead of their competitors.

We replaced their old telecoms service with a single 3CX phone system, a scalable and adaptable software-based VOIP solution which allows for flexible communication across all four of Wildheart’s sites, as well as to clients nationally. This was supplemented with the provision of new LCD handsets to reduce the client’s vulnerability to hardware failures.

We also investigated the possibility of new broadband connectivity for each site through trusted, reliable bearers. Part of this involved looking for the best available bandwidths to each individual site, as well as the provision of two new circuits to the main site for reliability. This included an upgrade of the circuit types to no longer use an analogue line circuit, ensuring the customer is not affected by the ISDN switch-off in 2025.

To ensure that the hardware was fit for purpose and met the client’s requirements, Netmatters’ technical experts offered key consultancy around the network hardware, complementing the introduction of the new telecom’s services.

We also ensured that the pricing of the solutions was competitive for the marketplace and proportionate to current monthly expenditure.

Wildheart Residential Management - Telecoms Case Study

The Result

By providing a modern 3CX VOIP solution, the client can field calls from anywhere, with one consistent company contact number being represented – thus promoting continuity for their customers. This also means that, if connectivity was to drop at one of their locations, clients could still call the same number, which would then be redirected to an available site. This in turn prevents frustration for the client’s customers and allows them to deliver a seamless service. This functionality also accommodates hybrid/remote working, ensuring that staff can receive customer calls/enquiries from any location.

Additionally, as 3CX also comes with a central administrative system, the client now has a more effective means of managing and logging customer communications, reducing the administrative burdens associated with customer service.

Finally, as a result of the new broadband connectivity solution, the client now has a fast, reliable connection across all four of their sites. This future-proofs their connectivity as they continue to grow.

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