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The Client

Busseys, a renowned, family-owned automotive dealership in Norfolk, has a rich heritage as the main supplier of Fords in the region, alongside the supply of INEOS vehicles, and as a service centre for Peugeot cars & vans. Led by Paul Bussey, their third-generation Managing Director, the company has a rich history of keeping Norfolk drivers rolling with top-of-the-line products and industry-leading experience, all packaged with a family-oriented feel and exceptional service quality.

The Problem

When Busseys first approached Netmatters to assist with their online presence, they had roughly six different websites for each aspect of the business. As you can imagine, this created an unnecessarily complex and challenging experience for their users who needed to hop across multiple websites and were often left confused when trying to find information. This, in turn, created frustration and put more pressure on their customer service team to assist people over the phone. 

This proved to be a costly approach, as any updates to one site had to be tested and implemented across the other five, creating a 6-fold increase in the total cost of website maintenance – making any online improvements very expensive. 

As a result, Busseys came to Netmatters with the aim of creating one central website to house all of their services. This site would need to be much faster and easier to update so that they could enhance their online presence without incurring significant costs.

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The Solution

Firstly, Netmatters’ specialists worked with Busseys to create a plan for the project that fit their requirements. As the client was happy with the look and feel of the site, the decision was taken to consolidate the six different websites into one central site that replicated the current solution.  

As the client wanted this project to go live as soon as possible, Netmatters employed a continual improvement plan, whereby once the site was live, a maintenance retainer was launched so that our development team could continuously make proactive changes on the live site to aid usability performance. If all these features were included in the initial project, the client could have been left waiting for a new site that they desperately needed.  

To provide the affordable customisability that the client required, the new website was built using the WordPress CMS. With over 60% of websites being built using WordPress, this was the obvious choice. WordPress provides unparalleled ease of use for customising the site without any need for using code. This meant that Busseys’ marketing team would be able to add and remove pages, update page content, and even make adjustments to imagery and navigation quickly and easily, all from within WordPress.

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The Results

Netmatters' dedicated team successfully transformed Busseys' sites into 100% WordPress-based platforms. The website transformation significantly improved the speed of site updates, enabling Busseys to make more frequent changes and respond swiftly to market demands. Consolidating the site into one entity provided the flexibility to present information in diverse ways, empowering Busseys to make content updates and additions without relying on hardcoded changes.

The migration of Busseys’ sites to WordPress has unlocked new digital marketing possibilities through enhanced customisation. We are now able to work alongside Bussey’s internal marketing team to produce content and optimise the site’s user journey to align with the expectations of their target audience. This would not have been possible with the old solution. 

Additionally, the aforementioned focus on getting the basics right, and then making improvements incrementally has allowed us to explore a wealth of exciting new features. For example, the Netmatters Website Development team expanded the site to include a revamped customer portal called "Family," scheduled for launch this month. The Family portal will enable Busseys' customers to register their vehicle details and receive exclusive offers on workshop services when needed. These positive changes have enabled Busseys to have a deeper understanding of their customers and website users, opening new doors for enhancing the value added for users and greatly improving their experience with Busseys’ services. 

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