Why Bespoke Software is better than Off The Shelf Software

Netmatters Ltd
Posted by Netmatters Ltd
21st May 2018

Bespoke and Shelf Software

One of the hardest decisions all businesses have to make is whether to buy off the shelf software, or to go down the bespoke route.

Whilst there are a host of benefits and essentially quick wins with buying off the shelf software, at best it should only be a temporary solution. Developing your own bespoke software which continues to grow and evolve as your company does is a much more sustainable option.

You Get What You Pay For

Irrespective of what industry you’re in, if you choose to opt for an off the shelf platform, you are buying into a product which can have a plethora of unnecessary functions and modules that can make the use of the software more complicated and long-winded than it needs to be.

Since your needs are shared with thousands of other users, the developers need to integrate change requests which apply to the masses, however there will always be the occasions where you don’t fall into this category.

Choosing to build your own bespoke software on the other hand means that you are the helm of what it does and doesn’t do. There are no unnecessary functions or modules, the software does exactly what you need and that’s all you’re paying for.

Tailored To You

Since you are developing your own software it means you can have it tailored exactly to how your company works, as opposed to adjusting your workflow to match the off the shelf software.

Having the ability to tailor your software means you can dominate efficiency with the help of as much automation as possible. A benefit of this means that specific job roles can eventually become redundant and the employees can be re-positioned to a more effective role within the company.

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You Have the Competitive Edge

If your competitors are using the same software as you, chances are they are just as efficient as you. Developing your own software means you can implement new ideas to help promote efficiency within the workflow or even offer a service to your customers which can’t be offered by your competitors since they do not have the means to do so.

Chess Pieces

Integration Opportunities

There are some software programmes which make sense to purchase instead of re-building from scratch such as the Microsoft Office 365 or Xero’s Accountancy Platform.

These are integral to most businesses and are often built with integrable options which means developers are able to build software which can directly feed into these platforms and pass data between them seamlessly.

Developing bespoke software which can talk to these platforms can improve efficiencies and reduce the need for data duplication such as manually exporting data from one system, only to then import it into another. 

Asset on the Register

If you develop a bespoke software solution for your business, you will own all of the rights to the software which means that you can add it as an asset on your register, therefore increasing the value of your company.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are looking to develop your own bespoke software solution, or request assistance with updating an existing platform then get in touch today by calling our team on 01603 515007 or submitting the contact form below.