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Expert knowledge on integrating with Microsoft Office 365 Suite

  • We are experts in reducing the manual overhead of email management
  • Our bespoke integrations will help you manage your businesses KPIs
  • Our experts are specialists in integrating Office 365 with your current mail client and your admin system
  • Our experienced team can enhance your workflows with our automated solutions
  • Auto matching all staff emails to client records within your CRM, creating a single point of contact for the entire company to access communication
  • Perform sentiment analysis against emails to monitor your customer engagement and customer service
  • Empower you with the ability to send transactional emails on behalf of a user, ensuring automated emails appear as coming from a member of staff
  • Expert advice on ensuring all users are kept within one business system
  • Provide a complete audit trail of communication so to ensure your sales team can see all communication with a client before engaging in calls 
  • Dedicated project and account management for all our customers

Our highly experienced team are experts in integrating the Microsoft Office 365 Suite with your systems. Our knowledge puts us in an ideal place to offer bespoke software solutions to integrate the Microsoft Office 365 Suite with your individual business needs.

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How We Can Support Your Business with Microsoft Office 365 Suite

Email is often the one thing that people keep 'outside' the system. Our vast experience with Office 365 integrations allows this vital area of any business to be fully automated and tracked within our bespoke software offering.

Our specialists can ensure the Office 365 system syncs all of your vital contacts between your current business management systems including within your CRM. We offer bespoke solutions to businesses looking to reduce manual overheads and manage your KPIs in the most efficient way using the Microsoft Office 365 suite.

We are experts in creating automated solutions for Microsoft Office 365, our aim is to reduce or eliminate your manual data entry and the current time you spend by improving your inbox monitoring and filing of emails via automation. Our integrated Microsoft Office 365 solutions ensure even your 'on-the-road' staff have access to all you're scheduling and calendars by syncing across all your devices including iPhones and iPads.

Our Office 365 Suite integrated solutions aim to increase engagement and decrease the chance that automated emails will be ignored. We can provide you with up to date monitoring for your customer engagement and customer service team. Our sentiment analysis will ensure you can escalate unhappy customers before any vital business partnership is lost.

Our automated solutions will empower you to plan upcoming work intelligently, by using the our automated solutions to generate tasks, reminders and notifications based on specific email criteria for example: notifying users they have emails in inbox over 24h.

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