How Can Bespoke Software Improve Your Customer Retention?

Alex Hall
Posted by Alex Hall

How Can Bespoke Software Improve Your Customer Retention?

Customer retention is critical to any business that is looking to grow. For fast-paced businesses that manage a range of clients with varying requirements, it can be incredibly challenging.  

In this article, we highlight how bespoke software solutions such as custom databases, business management systems, and bespoke CRMs can help to revolutionise your service delivery and keep your clients onboard.

Enhanced Customer Support

When it comes to customer retention, delivering reliable, high-quality service is paramount. For businesses who have a large client base, handling all their requests and identifying priorities can be challenging. Without any kind of system to manage these requests, it is easy for high-priority work to slip through the cracks, leaving your customers frustrated and increasing the chance that they will leave. 

This can be addressed through a bespoke task management system. A system such as this can handle incoming requests from clients, order them based on priority, and assign them to a team member with an appropriate skillset – and all tailor-built to reflect your service needs and workflow. This type of bespoke solution enables a more agile working model, whereby multiple users can collaborate on tasks that require a variety of different skillsets, whilst also providing an additional layer of accountability through an action log - ensuring that high standards of service are maintained. 

We implemented a task management solution for Black Swan Care Group’s maintenance team who had been struggling to manage all of the requests coming from care homes across the East of England. The system has allowed them to stay on top of their work and ensures that all priority jobs are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Data Analytics

In the digital age, businesses are looking to use data more and more to stay on top of their client relationships and ensure an impeccable service delivery.

A bespoke database solution allows you to create custom reports that are built on metrics you know are important to your clients. For example, if you know that average response times and percentage of projects delivered to budget are key retention factors for your clients, you can build out custom dashboards that prioritise these metrics. Account Managers then have an easy method for determining which clients need the most attention to ensure retention.  

To take it one step further, you could even combine all of the key metrics to produce one singular retention likelihood score, adding an extra level of ease for Account Managers when conducting any relationship analysis.

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Can’t I Go With An Off-The-Shelf Solution?

It is certainly true that there are off-the-shelf software solutions that may be able to provide a level of data analysis or task management, but most businesses find that these are not sufficient in the long term.  

If your business is looking to grow its client base over time, you are going to need a software system that can grow with you.  

With an off-the-shelf management solution, you are left with a one-size-fits-all approach that you are unable to scale without incurring additional costs, such as further licenses for additional employees, or limits on the number of data points you are able to store. With this model, when you increase your volume of clients/staff, delivering the same high standard of service can be incredibly costly.  

However, a bespoke solution is built to scale with your business, allowing you to continuously add new user accounts to your system without having to upgrade your license, future-proofing your service delivery. You also have endless integration opportunities, allowing you to consistently upgrade and enhance your services and workflows with minimal disruption.

Take a look at a full breakdown of bespoke vs off-the-shelf software solutions here.

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