Recruit developers in East Anglia with the right knowledge for your business

Recruitment can be a difficult and expensive process to find the right web or software developer. Currently businesses in East Anglia have to either recruit developers through agencies and pay the fees associated or spend a sizeable amount on marketing and associated recruitment costs to the current small pool of developers in the area to tempt them away from their current company.

Our experience has taught us that this way of recruiting isn't providing the East Anglian area or companies recruiting with the best way of filling the current tech gap and future proofing companies in the region.

This is where the Scion Coalition Scheme (SCS) was created to train our own developers and help develop East Anglia as leading Tech Hub for the whole of the UK. Through the SCS you can within anytime from 3 months onward offer a full time position to a trainee (Scion) and be safe in the knowledge that this proven training programme can provide your business with a skilled yet cost effective recruitment solution.

The Scions are immersed in technology for 40 hours per week. They have to work under commercial conditions that allows them to fully experience what it is like to be a full time developer.” - James Gulliver, MD of Netmatters and pioneer of the SCS.

The SCS has been running for 18 months and has been amazingly successful. Currently on average 3 out of 4 applicants have graduated into becoming a full time developer after approximately six months training.

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Expert Training

The entire SCS  has been developed. and is managed by our experienced, senior web developers. The programme can be targeted to your specific business's needs. Once a candidate has learned a good overview of coding we can tailor their learning to fulfil your business needs.

Business Focus

We have a stringent selection process for our trainees and our scheme ensures all of our candidates are working in a real business environment from the start. Our programme ensures trainees not only learn how to code, but vitally as important understand how to work as a team in a business environment.

Local Talent

The SCS provides businesses with the opportunity of sourcing web developers from our local talent ensuring the long term future for Norfolk as a tech leader in the UK. Our successful programme has provided opportunities to local talent who have proven to be a valuable asset in just six months. 

How Does It Work?

The scheme is designed to train the Scions in all aspects of development work and introduce them to all relevant languages within the first three months of the course. Once we reach the three-month milestone, we then like the sponsors to start having their input on what the Scions are training towards. This might be a specific coding language or a testing method. The head of our training programme will be sure to incorporate the sponsors needs into each of the Scions training plans.

Here are the some of the key benefits for a business becoming a sponsor of the scheme

  • Flexible rolling 30 days sponsorship
  • Low cost commitment and the ability to monitor the progress of students
  • Make a job offer any time after 3 months of a Scion starting their training and arrange day visits for your Scions to your workplace
  • Input on what specific areas you need a developer to fill for your business and the freedom to send in challenges for the Scions

Our vision for the future is to bridge the skills gap in the East of England and form partnerships with sponsors across the UK. With the support of our sponsors, Tech East, universities and colleges, the Jobcentre, DWP and all those listed below, the Scion Coalition Scheme has the foundations to restructure how we train and employ developers at an industry level. It offers an avenue into a career for those in the community who may not otherwise receive the opportunity.

“As District Manager for DWP in East Anglia I am passionate about supporting people with invisible health conditions, especially those who, perhaps, are talented but do not always publicise or self-promote their skills because of barriers to securing employment like limited social interaction. That’s why I’ve supported Netmatters’ Scion Coalition Scheme by identifying a small number of people with technical/IT skills and knowledge who, with the right level of support, could flourish and become valued team members for employers. It’s still early days in our partnership involvement with Netmatters but I’m looking forward to seeing some positive outcomes for embracing a diverse workforce.”- Julia Nix - District Manager - DWP

How Can We Help You?

At Netmatters we understand that businesses get calls every week from firms and recruitment agencies trying to sell you apprentices, trainees and web developers.

Instead, be part of the SCS and a team dedicated to improving not only coding standards but ensuring East Anglia has the talent to become the Tech Hub of the UK.

Our programme is designed for businesses, our candidates learn the best practices in web and software development but also the levels of inclusion, diversity and teamwork required to be successful in the industry.

Find out more on how our trainee web development programme (SCS) can fill your resource gap, benefit the local community and create opportunities for local people, all this will help future proof your business.

Contact us today on 01603 515007 or fill out our contact form to speak with our in-house expert team

"The thing that made this course different from other educational providers I've experienced is the ability to work alongside real practitioners. I have not only learnt to code but also how to work as part of a technical team within a company environment. This has given me a true insight into the life of a developer." 

- Michael Grimshaw, Graduate Developer.

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