How We Work

Flexible IT Management 

Our clients agree a monthly time allowance for their IT development, based on industry standards, and - quite simply - we use this to maintain and enhance their infrastructure. Any time that is not used is carried over to the following.

We do not lock our clients into lengthy support contracts and we do not mark up the cost of hardware or software, so you can be sure that what we are suggesting and actioning, is what is truly right for your business; not for our benefit.

Unrivalled Benefits

  • No Fixed Fee or Fair Usage Limits
  • Time Remaining Rolled-over
  • Only 30-day Cancellation Notice
  • Full Transparency of Time Spent to the Minute
  • IT Status & Recommendations Reports
  • Single Rate for Offsite or Onsite Work
  • No Markup on Hardware or Software

Total Transparency

Our operational methodology relies entirely upon full transparency of our work. Timesheets and reports provide all of the information you could ever desire, to help ensure you are receiving true value for money and getting the right - unbiased - advice. 

Our bespoke admin system stores detailed information about historical support issues including details of specific hardware, software and network problems. This allows you to quickly identify where support time is being spent and where future investment may be required, improving business efficiency.

Detailed Reporting

We keep records of all software - and hardware - and show expected average lifecycles, thereby allowing you to manage your ongoing IT expenditure accordingly.

This information allows us to go above and beyond, in terms of delivering a recommended monthly budget - taking into account expected hardware/software costs - and ensuring that this spend is planned for, rather than dealt with as a shock expense.

The IT reports produced will give you a management level overview of your IT infrastructure with improvement recommendations and notification of potential issues.

Client Support Structure

Our clients have a full Netmatters support team at every level, essentially becoming an extension of their own IT department. This starts with an account manager at a strategic level, a service manager at an operation level and then a lead and support technician to deliver consistent support and advice.

We offer a complete support package to manage all of your IT requirements, through our bespoke task management system. We log every request and ensure you get a good resolution in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on a swift and efficient service.