Why Not Implementing SEO Is A Missed Opportunity

Posted by Netmatters
7th March 2016

It’s a common theme in today’s world, marketers are overlooking the biggest possible avenue of acquisition. The avenue I am talking about is of course  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Marketers are buying massively into content strategies and inbound marketing strategies, forgetting about SEO or leaving it to a developer or a designer. The problem with this is that SEO requires a massive amount of knowledge and experience working with search engines, and a deep understanding of the ranking algorithms. This experience is needed to ensure that you get the best results, and will allow you to point your brand in the right direction with its online presence.

Why Is Search Such A Good Acquisition Avenue?

Search engines are the best possible avenue of acquisition there is because of a few reasons. Firstly at any given time there will be a user that is looking for your exact products or services, so if you perform well with your organic search rankings you can capture a large, relevant audience. Ranking well for certain keywords has benefits other than just increased traffic, it also makes your brand more reputable and trustworthy for example.

Why Are Search Engines Overlooked?

Many marketers have had negative experience in the past with SEO, and a few years ago many companies sold services that got you to the top of Google for about a month, then got your website completely black listed from appearing on Google at all. That has of course left a sour taste in the mouths of many. This is not a true representation of Search Engine Optimisation as it is carried out in today’s world though, with SEO’s today working around the clock to ensure that this sort of penalising does not happen. For example, if you went to a restaurant for the first time and this particular restaurant did not provide you with the food you were looking for, would you then decide that all restaurants are bad and never go to another restaurant ever again? No you wouldn’t, and it is the same here.

The Aspects of SEO

SEO has two aspects within it, and these are “on-page” and “off-page”. On-page is of course the content of the pages on your website, including the Meta titles and descriptions. Off-page optimisation is the ranking factors that point towards your website from external sources, including backlinks, social media, domain and page authority and much more. Neither on nor off page optimisation should be used independently. To get the most out of SEO you should be improving your on-site, and off-site presences and strengths.

Why SEO Is Great For Success

SEO is great because it scales so well. If you are using paid search, you may be unable to scale up because of the budgetary concerns with dedicating a large budget towards paid search. Paid search also does not provide the same click through rate as a high ranking organic search result. SEO may take time, sometimes it can be a lot of time but when you are at the top of the organics, you are getting a lot of traffic for free. Organic leads never stop when you are up there, organic search rankings gain you credibility and SEO builds up equity with your brand.

Back to the Bottom Line

Investing in SEO is a big step for a lot of companies because of the time that it takes to generate a positive return on investment. If you are in the situation where you are now looking into investing into SEO, do not look at the first couple months as an indicator of performance. When you invest into SEO you are building you brands reputation, and if you are in it for long game then your site will see the value that you have invested in and so will your online sales figure.

With the traffic that you will gain from your SEO, you can monetize your site with a tool like Google Adwords, get more conversions and increase your bottom line. If your business is online, can you really afford to miss out on one of the most effective avenues that there is? Make the best use of the channels that can grow your business the most, starting with SEO.

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