Why Leased Line?

Lydia Whitney
Posted by Lydia Whitney
15th February 2018

There’s no doubt, that having a secure, fast and reliable internet connection will be towards the top of any businesses “must haves’ list. However, this can widely be the area that causes the most frustration in the workplace.

Never fear, there is a light at the end of the page loading wheel; leased lines.

First on the scene in the 1970’s, leased lines have continued to rise in popularity and have become an integral part for companies who want to protect their data and increase efficiency. Not only does this option provide a fast, reliable and secure connection, but leased lines also benefit companies that handle client data in any sector - vital with GDPR coming into play from 25th May 2018.

With our growing network of UK businesses, you’re one step closer to introducing cost-effective and reliable connectivity.

Benefits of Netmatters Leased Lines;

Dedicated bandwidth

Solely for your business use only, there’s no need to share your connection with other companies leaving scope for your business to optimise workload efficiency further.

No lag during peak times

Gone are the days of a slow internet connection, with dedicated bandwidth your business can function much more efficiently with internet ‘lag’ being a thing of the past.


Leased lines use fibre-optic cables, which means it doesn’t suffer from electrical interference - resulting in being much more reliable in the long term, with minimal maintenance needed to be carried out.


Offering better security than alternative broadband options, a leased line data connection is controlled solely by your business, meaning your don’t share information on a public network - essential ahead of GDPR with all EU businesses having to enhance their data handling processes.


Used to carry countless forms of communication, you have complete control to allocate bandwidth where most important to you and your business - this can be changed as your business continues to grow.

Ongoing Support

At Netmatters, as the direct provider we’re able to offer direct, one-to-one support straight away, helping solve any problems quickly.

Streamline your business activities and say goodbye to lag internet connection by getting in touch with our team of IT experts today.

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