What is SEO: The Basics that Drive Search Engine Optimisation.

Posted by Netmatters
29th June 2015

What is SEO?

SEO is search engine optimisation. This is the name given to activities that attempt to improve the ranking of a website on a search engine like Google or Bing. Because of the way that Google ranks this, those that attempt to increase the ranking of a website have a huge amount of things to consider, and there are many aspects to SEO that most do not even consider.

Firstly there are two different types of SEO, one being white hat and one being black hat. Black hat is the sort of SEO that a dishonest organisation may do, and although it may work it also has the chance of getting your website brutally punished by the powers of Google, who may even subjectively ban the website from their search engine. The entire thing consists of manipulating Googles core search algorithm in a dishonest way.

The second type of SEO is white hat; this is the type of SEO you should be doing. this method boosts a website in an honest way that does not manipulate Googles methods of ranking, but in facts works with them to gain a higher page authority and achieves this through real quality instead of spamming ridiculous amounts of links or keywords. This type of SEO is much harder work, and you have to do a multitude of things that often drain a lot of human time. This said, this is the type of SEO that is carried out by 99% of digital marketers, and the benefits of white hat SEO outweigh the resources required to carry it out.

Those who budget for digital marketing accordingly will find that they reap the benefits of having a high quality site, and search marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive organic traffic to your site.

Can I Do My Own SEO?

SEO is very complex, and there are many different aspects to SEO, and many are complicated and require a level of tech savviness that many people do not have. Saying this, you can get the knack of SEO relatively easily; you just have to have a good amount of time, an open mind-set to accept you are wrong and a willingness to learn. If you have all of these things then, after a while you can become skilled in the area of SEO.

It is also worth mentioning that the difficulty of optimising each individual website is based very heavily on your competition, for example if you are in a niche market with competition locally spread far and few between then it will be much easier to boost your site. Also the complexity of your website plays a part. You may do a little reading about SEO and then decide that it would be best to get a professional to do it for you, as it does take a lot of manpower and patience.

Why is getting SEO done on my website worth it?

Ranking highly on Google or other search engines is very valuable. What is essentially gives you is the best advertising in the entire world for free. Traffic from the natural search results from google is still, and has been for a long time, the most valuable organic traffic to a website in the world. When a website does appear highly in the search engines like google then people naturally trust this website. It may be that people do not naturally think this, and that it is more of a subconscious thought that goes along with experience on the internet.

Because of this fact, then you will find that if you rank on the first page on the Google search results, then you get a lot of traffic that not only clicks on your link and goes to your website, but you may also find that more of this traffic actually converts into sales or goals. To measure whether your traffic is converting or not, you can use one of the many analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

What is the main end goal in SEO?

the main end goal, for every website and agency's that offer SEO as a service want the website they are working on to achieve 3 basic things. They want their websites or clients to be trusted, be relevant and after those two points, they want to get popular. SEO is not only just doing things you can't see that only matter to Google, but SEO also focuses very strongly on the actual quality of the website in question, and the quality of the unique content on that site. You must be willing to put a lot of new and great content on your website, and also if you create a lot of buzz about your company then this sort of approach you will find will rank you higher on Google.

SEO is a long term investment, and will pay off in the long term. Something to bear in mind is how Google deals with ranking its search results, as this gets harder and harder every time a new algorithm gets released. Google releases these algorithms to make manipulating the search rankings harder, so to rank highly in the current day, and the future you must genuinely lead the market in terms of unique content, value for money and quality. 

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