Oakdale Equestrian Arena Kits build innovative arenas and turnout pens for the daily use of horses. They can cater for varied budgets and are looking to improve and increase the number of products that they offer for the Equestrian industry.

Oakdale ensure that they research, trial and test the facilities they build for the use of horses before selling their products and this results in some high quality builds!

The New Site - The main aim of their website is to become the flagship branding tool for Oakdale Equestrian Arena Kits so customers and suppliers can fully understand the services/products they provide and what the brand as a whole represents. In time the goal is for the site to develop into a fully functioning E-Commerce website.

We designed a system where the client can manage their website, here are some of the site's main features:
Accounts - Management of site and content within
Documents - Uploading and storing files within the website? Enquiries - Contact form so users can contact the site with ease
Gallery - Displaying the projects and work that has been completed throughout website
News - Based on company and industry related news
Newsletter Sign Up - Easy regular interaction with site users

This site was designed on our own modern, responsive framework and was based off our own custom CMS Sysflow. The responsive framework allows the site to adapt to different screen sizes, making the experience just as seamless on desktops, mobile, tablets and any other device. This makes the site easy to navigate and user friendly.

Not only are Oakdale Equestrian Arena Kits now able to manage their site and regularly post related news and articles, they are able to show off their products on a site that clearly works on any viewable device.

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