About The Children's Garden

This website designed and built for The Children's Garden ensures ease of use and offers the ability for the website users to learn about The Children's Garden and the services that they offer.

This website reflects the design and welcoming aura of The Children's Garden Nursery with a highly visual and friendly use of graphics and colours to invite the user to visit more website pages.

This website is responsive and works across desktop, tablet and mobile devices and there is also contact form functionality for any enquiries and points of contact directly to The Children's Garden website.

With News and Galleries you shall be able to keep up to date with The Children's Garden Nursery as well as seeing visual galleries to see what kind of educational activities are carried out to enhance the learning experience.

There are two sub websites for different locations at Norwich and Stamford, these versions will look similar but contain relevant information for the website user and the location of the sub-site.