Northern Diver have established themselves as one of the world's elite manufacturers of dry suits and diving equipment. Their esteemed reputation for quality and customer service means they are loved by recreational and commercial divers alike.

Their new flagship site is a fully-featured and powerful bespoke eCommerce solution, created here at Netmatters. The result is an effective, functional and beautiful site, connecting directly - and integrating seamlessly - with the Northern Diver payment systems.

We have designed Northern Diver a centralised "Multi-Site" system where the can manage all of their Northern Diver websites under the same roof.

The main aim of the "Multi-Site" system is to bring many benefits to the maintenance and day to day running of the individual Northern Diver websites such as; removing any duplication of data and improved customer experience as they can use their login credentials across all sites. As well as this Northern Diver will be able to see which site is performing the best in terms of sales, assisting them with their marketing and target strategies.

Not only are Northern Diver now able to manage all of their products under one roof but it provides a single place for employees to login and manage their tasks or view relevant company news, policies, procedures and reports. By implementing a single solution for all of their sites and internal practises there is a reduction in administration time dealing with mundane administration processes.

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