Website Build For Core Kitchens and Bespoke

Netmatters Ltd
Posted by Netmatters Ltd
8th April 2016

Core Kitchens and Bespoke provide high-quality kitchens that take into account all of your needs and requirements. Core Kitchens and Bespoke wanted a website that would allow them to display their beautifully designed kitchens in an easy to navigate and helpful manner.

Core Kitchen and Bespoke wanted from their website something responsive that they could add content to, update the contents of, and otherwise adapt how they see fit going forward. This required a flexible solution that would allow for updating of content while still being robust and technically adept enough to respond to different types of mobile devices and changing web standards.

With the concept from beginning to end laid out by Netmatters and Core Kitchen and Bespoke, development began. Taking on board the needs of the company and providing appropriate and professional feedback where appropriate, the project was soon finished.

TThe new website allows for a beautiful overview and easy to navigate way to look at the variety of kitchens on sale by Core Kitchens and Bespoke. While the admin section of the site allows for easy updating and maintaining of content, allowing the company to easy publish and organise their content easily and quickly.

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