Videos; What use do they have in Marketing?

Posted by Netmatters
29th July 2015

What different types of videos have uses in marketing?

There’s more to using videos as a marketing medium than you might think, and videos are a great way to spread the word on your brand and gain trust from your consumers. Videos have such a wide range of goals that you can create a video for almost anything. Advertising using videos can be very effective, however marketing with videos can go down a lot of different routes.

There are also hundreds of different video mediums on the internet, and their reach is global. YouTube for example has millions of users, and millions of users in different countries spend a large amount of time watching multiple videos. The reach of this service is the main thing that attracts marketers towards the service, however many try to use YouTube as an effective advertisement medium and fail.

What are the different types of video marketing

There are a lot of different ways to approach a video marketing campaign, and they all have unique aspects that they are effective at when compared to each other. Some of the most effective video campaigns and their uses are:

  • Comedic/Viral campaigns – campaigns like this are created to specifically not advertise a product. Their goal is to entertain those watching it, and then to get these users to share the video. If you successfully create a viral video campaign then it is going to be seen by millions of people all over the world, so naturally this gets a lot of publicity for your brand. It also makes consumers favour your brand over your competitors, and is incredibly effective at creating a natural buzz for your brand. Viral videos often get shared like wildfire on social networks, and a viral campaign has the benefit of boosting your social marketing campaigns for free.
  • Product Demo Videos – these sorts of videos are specifically created to showcase a product. This sort of video gets the word out of your product, but only if it is in the form of an advertisement. These videos are far less effective at creating engagement, and it is likely that this will not get a lot of publicity. It works to increase conversion rates, as those who see this sort of video and show an interest will be more likely to purchase the product.
  • Instructional Videos (How to Videos) - these sorts of videos are effective at gaining trust from your consumers and are good at creating a nice level of engagement. This video will be seen by those who are already interested in your market, as to find the video they must have searched for some keywords related to your product.
  • Animated Videos – these are normally based around a concept, and they are good to explain concepts or ideas to your consumers. They normally take a slight comedic route, although not as much as the viral campaigns do. They build brand engagement, and if you do it right then it can create a huge buzz for your brand if the product you are demonstrating is appealing to your consumers.

All of these types of strategic marketing are great at their own specific purpose, and each type satisfies a different audience.

How do I know which one will work best for me?

Sometimes discovering which video campaign will work the best for you is simply a case of trial and error. It is strongly dependant on what sort of business you are, and it is simply a case of knowing who your target audience is. If you are a law firm for example, it would not be hugely beneficial for you to create a viral campaign simply because it would be so unrelated to your business. It would still get a lot of reach, as well as creating a buzz for your brand, but it would likely not increase your sales or conversion rates. Creating this sort of buzz however is great for SEO, and this type of exposure can really benefit your search engine marketing campaigns.

Videos need to appeal to the right market, that’s what you need to consider. You need to think about who your customers are, and think about what they would like. Doing this will likely boost the effects of your campaign, and if you can be clever about your campaign and do something that is original then your campaign will be more successful than others. Everyone loves originality.

What does my video campaign need to do?

Your video campaign needs to be interesting to your consumers and target audience. If you can create a sense of urgency to your audience, make them curious or attract them with emotions then you may well be looking at a good base for your campaign. Ultimately the best thing to do is to try and be different to your competition; if you can be unique with your campaign then it will set you apart from the others in your category.

Overall all you need to do is identify what you are trying to achieve, the message you want to get across and whether you want it to be purely informational or comedic. The type of brand you are should affect this, and whatever company you are, whatever your products do you have to always grab the attention of those that are your target audience. 

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