Think of your Brand: Website Marketing

Posted by Netmatters
27th August 2015

Marketing your brand digitally should be treated just as carefully as physical promotion of your business. There are alot of opportunities on the internet to promote your company but ensuring that you are going to attract the right people to your website is key. The quality of traffic that directs to your website is dependent on the quality of your website and how it has been marketed, updated and checked.


The first port of call is the domain; the domain name should be same as your business name. However, as many domain names are already taken it can be difficult. Do ensure that your brand name is within the domain and try to purchase all the varied versions such as .com,, .info and .biz etc. This prevents someone else from buying one of the domains and using it for competitive purposes or other means that can damage your brands reputation.


Your website design is key to get right, you want your brand to be recognised and remembered instantly. Your logo should be effective, clean and clearly represent what services/products your business sells. If a user comes to your website looking for a certain product and they are confused or can't navigate around your website easily, they will go back to their preferred search engine and look for an alternative solution, leaving you without any business. Ensure that you keep the design simple but effective with subject areas that will instantly draw the attention of the eye by using colours that stand out, but fit in with the colour scheme.


Once your website is designed and your brand is consistently complimented throughout the website it is time to look at marketing your website. Optimisation of your pages is key, you want to target your URL extension, meta-title and H1 at the keywords you want people to find you on Google for. Also localising your target keyword is beneficial as this will target more people in your area and you will rank higher in the Google searches. Ensure there is fresh content throughout your website as well so you can keep updating pages. Google will index this and it is beneficial to the Search Engine Optimisation of your website. Meta-descriptions are key in Google listings, target your keywords and local area with a sentence that will draw the consumer in.


Cross linking pages on your website is very effective, if keywords are mentioned in a section of copy and you have a page dedicated to it, link that word or phrase to that page. Do not spam the amount of links within one page though, keep it sensible but effective. The more time a consumer spends on your website, the better it is. If you manage to keep a consumer's attention there is a good chance that this will convert to a sale or if not your brand is being recognised and won't be forgotten.

Whenever you're making changes to your website; adding more content, images or editing copy, think of your brand first. It is ever so important that your brand is perceived as high quality and genuine because many web users are overly conscious that a site is fake or a scam. If you market your website correctly and keep it clear with effective marketing strategies your website will gain more and more traffic each day that will then convert into business.

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